Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Ben Colpitts, M.A.T. – Program Director

Ben Colpitts, M.A.T., is a certified special education teacher who holds a master’s degree in teaching from Goucher College.  He also earned his BA in Communications from Goucher College.  Ben joined the High Road School of Baltimore County in 2007 as a paraprofessional before becoming a teacher and later a transition coordinator at the same location.  In 2011, Ben transferred to the High Road School of Perryville in Cecil County to become that site’s head teacher and later, its associate director.  After moving the school to Belcamp, Ben became the Program Director at the High Road School of Harford County.  Prior to joining the Catapult team, Ben was involved in after school programs with the YMCA and worked at many different summer camps while growing up in Connecticut.  He believes that he and his staff can continue to change lives by believing in their students’ abilities, building their confidence and inspiring them to achieve their goals.  He sets out to accomplish this by using an interdisciplinary team approach and places a high value on building strong relationships with the parents, guardians and families of the students at High Road School of Harford County, as well as with the surrounding community.  Ben loves coming to work every day because the rewards always outweigh the challenges.  He has a wife and 3 children to keep him busy at home and is an avid disc golfer in his spare time..

Melanie Tserkis – Administrative Assistant

Melanie Tserkis is the administrative assistant for the High Road School of Harford County, in her 13th school year with the school. She has many responsibilities around the school that include events committee chair, coordinate transportation, maintaining student files, as well as other duties that help our region. She also enjoys helping new programs open and visiting schools that may need her help. Although there are many reasons that why she loves her job here, the most fulfilling and rewarding is changing the life of a student/child. Seeing their progression of moving up a grade level in reading or math or something as simple as mastering an IEP goal.

Joseph Bennett – Teacher

Joseph Bennett is a certified special education teacher who holds his bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Delaware. Joe joined the High Road team in 2014 as a paraprofessional in Cecil Alternative Program at the High Road School of Cecil County. In 2016, Joe was promoted to special education teacher at the High Road School of Harford County, and is currently working to obtain his master’s degree in teaching at Goucher College. As a special education teacher, he teaches his students how to communicate professionally and respectfully, manage and be aware of their emotions, and participate in learning how to learn. In his students, Joe seeks to build self-determination and self-advocacy, and believes every student deserves to be given the opportunity to become a contributing and productive member of their community. In addition to be a teacher, Joe practices Aikido, composes music, and loves to read, travel, and learn new languages.

Andrew Burlin – Teacher

Andrew Burlin is a Special Education Teacher who is pursuing his Masters in Special Education. He graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electronic Media and Film in May 2016. Andrew’s passion for education began in middle school when he started working as an Assistant Counselor at a summer camp. He went on to become a Counselor and eventually the Assistant Director during his college years. When he graduated from college, Andrew began working as a one-to-one Health Technician for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He worked a second job as a Paraprofessional Educator at Wood Acres Elementary School. He joined the High Road School of Harford County as a one-to-one Assistant Teacher for the Elementary/Middle School program at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. Showing his desire to help his student grow academically and emotionally, Andrew made a perfect fit to take over the 10th Grade classroom in October of 2017. Andrew believes that each and every student has the potential for success, and that it is his job to unlock that potential. Accompanied with his patience and passion, Andrew strives to make sure every student’s voice is heard. Andrew is also an avid soccer fan, and is often found waking up early on weekends just to watch games.

Marc DiPasquale, Jr. – Teacher

Marc DiPasquale, Jr. is a certified special education teacher who is currently pursuing his master’s in the art of teaching with a focus on special education. Marc holds a certification in special education. He received his BA in Economics from the St. Mary’s College. Marc joined the High Road team in 2015 as a classroom teacher at the High Road School of Harford County. Marc seeks to personally get to know each student he has the opportunity to work with and pair social emotional learning with appropriate academic interventions in a highly structured setting. Marc enjoys playing music and wood working in his spare time.

Codee C. Watson – Teacher

Codee C. Watson is a certified Special Education teacher who is currently pursuing her master’s degree in leadership in teaching with an administrator certification. Codee holds dual certification in Elementary Education and Special Education. She received her BA in Elementary Education from Wilmington University. Codee joined the High Road team in 2017 as a classroom teacher at the High Road School of Harford County. Codee believes that all students have the ability and capability to be successful.  With the assistance of personalized, individual academic and behavioral interventions she is able service all students and build their academic and social potentials. Codee is passionate about music and dance. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends and Catahoula Leopard Dog Dixie.

Christopher Tserkis, Jr. – Transition Coordinator

Christopher Tserkis, Jr. is a transition coordinator who is currently pursuing his Masters of Arts of Teaching, with his certification in special education at Goucher College. He received his BA in Exercise Science from Wesley College in Dover, DE. Chris joined the High Road team in 2014 as a classroom teacher assistant at the High Road School of Perryville and has since served in teaching and transitioning roles, as well as head of the culinary arts program in Harford County. Chris seeks to help students prepare for post-secondary opportunities by prepping students for college or career paths. Chris loves spending time with family and friends. He joined his father in coaching his younger brother in baseball.

Katie Ashmore, LGSW – Social Worker

Katie Ashmore is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker in the State of Maryland who holds her Master’s degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore. Katie obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Katie came the High Road School as a Social Work intern at the Baltimore County school in 2016 and has since moved to the Belcamp location. She has previous work experience in after school programs and summer camp day programs. She also has work experience as a Mental Health Reentry Coordinator at the Baltimore City Detention Center. As the school social worker, she runs weekly social skills group in each class homeroom. She also provides individual therapy for students focusing on coping skills and life skills through art and play therapy. She is passionate about helping the students use their strengths and talents to be successful in the school setting!

Melissa Franco, LGSW – Social Worker

Melissa Franco is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker in the state of Maryland who holds her master’s degree from Salisbury University.  Melissa obtained her bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University in Social Work with a minor in Psychology.  Melissa joined the High Road School of Belcamp in 2017.  She has previously worked with youth through the Department of Social Services in the Foster Care system as well as youth with behavioral concerns in the medical field through a pediatric office.  Melissa has worked as a clinical counselor facilitating individual therapy sessions while running small groups.  As the school social worker, she provides individual and group counseling, while incorporating her love for art therapy.  Melissa enjoys working with the students at Belcamp and helping them to reach their full potential.