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The Hornet’s Buzz – February 2018 Newsletter

Juan DeJesus Memorial Basketball Game – March 14th, 2018

PJ Day for the Kids

PJ Day for the Kids’ 7th annual event has a mission to not only raise money, but to honor the brave kids fighting cancer and serious illnesses at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Since 2011, thousands of children in Connecticut have worn their PJs to school in support of kids at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Each year, PJ Day has inspired more and more schools and businesses across the state of Connecticut to participate. High Road School of Hartford was proud to join kids all across Connecticut on December 8th.

Upcoming Parent Workshop: A Positive Approach to Challenging Behavior


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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express how I feel that the support of High Road School has helped my daughter, Kiana Stephens. She has been in the special needs network since kindergarten with her emotional deficiencies expressing themselves in the Growing Tree program. That program was geared to introduce 3- and 4-year-old children to a school environment. From the start, she had great difficulties with [the] large room setting, interacting with other students. When she became overwhelmed, she had outbursts that caused harm to herself and others.

Kiana was transferred to the High Road School of Wallingford when HTLA— Hartford Transitional Learning Academy—was closed. She, and several students, did not have a place in the school system. Jo Robin Gould was able to place her with High Road, after a while. I believe that was fourth or fifth grade.

With support from her family, staff from Village for Families and Children, Kiana gradually became more aware of herself, [took] control of her emotions and most importantly, accepted responsibility of her actions in a given situation. She has also become more comfortable expressing herself, her needs, her dreams and aspirations without the usual, assumed fear of rejection. She has also become more relaxed and can build friendships with both teenaged boys and girls.

She is now transitioning to a “regular” school environment, Weaver Culinary High School. She is also playing for the basketball team. I see Kiana is growing very well; she still has a few set-backs, however, with support, she’s able to get back on track.

I do believe High Road School was a great help to our family, and schools like this one should be readily available to other families. There are many kids who are having emotional, behavioral problems that can be addressed by a therapeutic school environment.

I just imagine the displaced children who do not have the support they need, and it is very unsettling. All kids deserve a fair chance in life, and oftentimes, a therapeutic school is just the answer. My daughter has truly benefitted from it, being enrolled since kindergarten at the Burns Elementary School in Hartford. There should more options for these families.

Thank you for you time and attention.

~ High Road Parent

October 20, 2016

Third Annual Transition Expo

Students in the News

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