Program Information

Program Information

The goals of the High Road School of New London are:

  • To provide each student with the academic and social skills needed to be successful in school, in the community, and in the family system
  • To prepare students to return to a less restrictive environment (LRE) as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • To prepare students for Connecticut testing programs
  • To provide students with consistent and structured tutorials in order to prevent regression of skills and produce both academic and behavioral gains
  • To provide students with an array of cultural and recreational experiences

Our interdisciplinary staff, led by our Education Director, consists of certified special education teachers, teaching assistants, and school social workers. Additionally, speech-language and occupational therapy services are available contractually on an as-needed basis, delivered by qualified specialists. All faculty members work together collaboratively and cooperatively to implement our comprehensive special education program.

The High Road School of New London: Primary School enrolls students with exceptionalities including but not limited to ED (emotional disability), SLD (specific learning disability), ASD (autism spectrum disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury), OHI (other health impairment), MD (multiple disabilities), and various communication disorders. These student populations benefit tremendously from our personalized curriculums, our small class sizes (no more than 10 students per teacher and TA), and our host of related services (such as physical therapy, social work, and counseling) that fully attend to individualized needs.

The High Road School of New London: Primary School’s educational course sequencing is based on that of the respective district and addresses all state standards in order to help students either reintegrate into the public school system or proceed toward graduation. We accept students who have been referred by their local school district for either long-term or short-term placement, including our Interim Alternative Education Placement (IAEP) program, a 40-day transitional program that offers a fully developed academic and behavioral intervention plan for interim placements. For all types of students and for all lengths of placement, High Road assists public school districts with appropriate placement evaluation, review, and recommendations to best meet the needs of each student.

The High Road School of New London operates Monday–Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Core subjects are taught through a rotational academic model, emphasizing tutorial instruction. Elective opportunities include social skills, art, music, health, and physical education. Family involvement has long been a staple of the High Road model, and parents/guardians are encouraged to visit our school at any time, to learn more about our program or to become more involved in their child’s academic pursuits.

The High Road School of New London: Primary School does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, ethnic background, religion, or gender in the admission of students or the employment of staff.