Parent Testimonial

My son’s learning disabilities had not been addressed to the fullest at his public school, and this had led to emotional issues. At High Road School of Norwalk, he had a fresh start. The administrators and teachers quickly displayed that they cared about him and his education. He immediately felt like part of the community. Even when he had some troubling times, he learned that everyone has hard times, and he worked on moving on instead of quitting as he had done in the past. After having daily calls about his issues from the public school, I now just get daily notes and calls only when absolutely necessary. He does his homework as soon as he gets home (unless he finished it at school or on the bus), and he loves telling me about his new friends and adventures at school. The warmth and care shown by the entire staff have changed his attitude about school and learning. The change to High Road School has made all the difference in our lives.

~ Ellie Telzer


Student Testimonial

When I first began my time at High Road at the age of 13, I was afflicted with intense social anxiety and had been school-avoidant for nearly two years. I was timid, shy, unwilling to explore anything unfamiliar, and thus, extremely unsure about the prospect of attending a new school. I had not enjoyed going to school for years and did not anticipate my feelings on the matter changing at any point in the near future, but it became very clear to me within just a few days of starting my High Road education that I was wrong. I was about to embark on a journey unlike anything I had encountered in the past. After some initial resistance, I found that I benefited tremendously from the small class size, personalized education plan, and strong sense of community that enabled me to interact one-on-one with my teachers and develop close and lasting relationships with peers and faculty members alike. It is through these relationships that I developed the confidence to break free of the things that once burdened me so heavily and learned to allow myself to flourish. I left High Road after four years feeling ready to face the world and all of the challenges that it would inevitably throw my way. I now look back fondly on the time that I spent there and the girl I was, but I readily welcome new experiences in my future. I am currently in my sophomore year of college at the University of Connecticut, working towards a major in Human Development and Family Studies.

~ Gillian


Social Worker Testimonial

Anthony J. Gadsden Jr. – Social Worker for Department of Children and Families, State of Connecticut