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News & Events

A Peek Into the Future

The High Road Lower School students are creating vision boards to help explore and share some of their future goals. Some students were clear about earning their high school diploma but unable to formulate a plan any further.  While other students had goals to reach beyond high school including being firefighters, college graduates, and entrepreneurs.  Students were also asked “How did this project challenge you? The responses varied.  However, some students shared that  they had never looked past the present and planned for the future. Many of the students also said that this project gave them motivation to set goal’s so they could achieve these things in life.

Middle school students were able to have creative control and expression through clay creation. The middle school classes were given some clay and told to create something, the second part of the project was for them to then write a passage briefly about their projects.

Once they began working with the clay they, then realized that with the clay drying almost as soon as you leave it idle they found that the project wasn’t as simple as it seemed initially. Some of the students pictured below were very proud, nervous to explain or even hesitant to show their projects in the photo’s but they were still very confident that their project was unique and it stood out from the other students.

Inaugural Jalen White Regional Spelling Bee

Spelling Bees are a popular and effective way to have students become better spellers. It allows them to practice spelling words they might not ordinarily use while mixing in some fun and competition. This the High Road Schools of the Maryland South Region decided to create a regional spelling be that would comprise of the top 2 spellers from each program in the elementary, middle, and high schools.

Early in planning for the process, our schools were dealt a blow with the tragic passing of one of the Regional Spelling Bee participants, Jalan White. Jalan was an 11th grade student at High Road Academy of Prince George’s County. He was an eager learner and literary craftsman. He not only had a refined vocabulary, but also was able to skillfully express his unique perspective using the most colorful collection of words. He was a shining light who was undeniably noticed by both students and staff. He participated in all events that allowed him to exhibit his creativity and talents. The spelling bee was one such event. He won 2nd place in the high school division of his local school spelling bee last year and confidently entered, once again, during this school year where he won 1st place. He wore a sense of accomplishment as he looked forward to competing in our very first regional spelling bee. Due to his untimely passing he is not able to be physically present with us, however his memory will continue to live on through this display of hard work and dedication. With this tribute, that is a reflection of what Jalan so beautifully embodied, we have chosen to officially declare this ceremony: The Jalan White Regional Spelling Bee. Through this annual event his light will continue to shine forth as his memory will be cherished for years to come.

In its inaugural year, the spelling bee delivered suspense and competition in each division (elementary, middle, high). The elementary spelling bee kicked it off with amazing display of spelling and ended with a several round face-off between Zye’ J (High Road Academy – Laurel) and Evert A. (High Road Lower School – Lanham). Eventually, Evert edged Zye’ in a battle of middle school words that had the audience captivated.

The middle and high schools spelling competitions continued to provide the audience with anticipation and amazement as our older student competitors exchanged correct spelling with correct spelling. Ultimately, Mariella M. (High Road Academy – Lanham) outlasted the competition to win the Middle School Spelling Bee. Dashawn R. (High Road Academy – Lanham) scored a victory over Kendra R. and Wesley R. (tied for second).

It was an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G display of academic skill and stellar sportsmanship both befitting the legacy of Jalen White

Malik C. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Zye’ J. – High Road Academy (Laurel) 2nd Place
Dayshawn K. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Toryonna B. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Anthony P. – High Road Lower School (Lanham)
Evert A. – High Road Lower School (Lanham) 1st Place

Emma C. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Rachel M. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Charlie B. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Mariella M. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Faith W. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Sean H. – High Road Lower School (Lanham)

Miracle S. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Lily R. – High Road Academy (Laurel)
Wesley R. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Deshawn C. – High Road Academy (Lanham)
Kendra R. – High Road Upper School (Lanham)
DeAsia W. – High Road Upper School (Lanham)
Dashawn R. – High Road Upper School (Lanham)


Back to School Night

Recently, the High Road Lower School of Prince George’s County hosted Back to School Night. The night provided parents the opportunity to meet new teachers and students, visit classrooms and to gather information for what’s to come during the upcoming school year.    

In addition to getting information about their children, the parents were also able to ask in depth questions on their child’s current academic and behavioral improvements and areas of focus in the program. The children are very excited that their parents will be able to come see our new building. 

Many of the children who are shown in the photograph below are some of the same students have helped work on some boards that parents will be able to see during this year’s back to school night. 


Great News for High Road Schools

Check out the latest edition of “Stepping Stones,” the MANSEF newsletter. In this issue, students from the High Road Academy (Laurel ) are featured (page 5). Also, the 2017 Michael Cardin Scholarship recipients have been announced, including several High Road students (pages 1 and 12).

February 2017

Black History Month

To commemorate Black History Month this year, our students recently enjoyed a field trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The museum is devoted exclusively to the documentation of African American life, history, and culture. The students were able to explore all of the exhibits, get an idea of how slavery began and ended, and learn about several pioneers in music and sports.

2017 Fine Arts Festival

Keeping with a now-established High Road tradition, the High Road School of Prince George’s County hosted our annual Fine Arts Festival on February 23, 2017.  This year, the students put together a 90’s-themed festival, with each student playing a role in making the event a success. Students created art pieces based on their favorite 90’s cartoon characters (see pictures of their work in the Photos tab) and created T-shirts for the closing performance: a fashion show in which all the participants walked to the theme song of the Rugrats movie, “Take Me There.”


Q&A with Ms. Cameron

1.  Tell me about yourself?

My name is Sierra Cameron, and I am from Durham, NC. I graduated from Fayetteville State University with a BA in criminal justice. Basketball has been a passion of mine since the age of five.

2.  What’s your favorite subject to teach? Why?

My favorite subject to teach would have to be music. I feel that music sets the tone for our kids’ moods. The kids and I are able to connect through music, and it really helps me build a positive rapport with the kids. 

3.  What is your proudest teaching moment?

My proudest teaching moments are when the kids are excited to come to my class to learn something new.

4.  If you weren’t a teacher at High Road, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t a teacher at High Road, I would be protecting our community as a police officer.

5.  If you could have taught anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

I would have to say my grandmother. She would be my number one pick because she literally gave up her life to make sure my sisters and I received a good education. I promised her before she passed away that I would make something of myself. If my grandmother could see me actually teaching and helping others, it would melt her heart.

Student Star: Carlos C.

High Road Students in MD Prepare for the World of Work

The High Road Workforce Development Program (WDP) provides training for students to prepare them for the real-world workplace. Students begin the program by taking the Professional Essentials Skills Course, which includes Customer Service and Basic Microsoft Word training. Since the inception of WDP, more than 30 of our students have completed this initial phase and have received the corresponding certifications in Customer Service and Basic Microsoft Word, awarded at the annual ceremony we hold to recognize and celebrate the students’ new skills and accomplishments.

Throughout the training, students demonstrate their leadership qualities and commitment to learning critical work skills. This year, for example, Brianna Ford, a student from the High Road Academy of Prince George’s County (Lanham), became the instructor’s assistant. And Siddiq Abdullahi, a High Road Academy (Laurel) student, displayed his knowledge of computers by assisting in troubleshooting issues that came up during the Microsoft Word class. Another standout pupil, Zakirah Turnage of the High Road School of Prince George’s County (Largo), consistently modeled exemplary performance, helping her classmates stay on task and earning the role of group leader in the process.

The end goal of the Workforce Development Program is to empower our students with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to be competitive as they pursue their career goals in the workforce. Their participation in the program evidences their dedication to their education and to developing job skills that they will be able to apply to all future endeavors. Part-time employment is the next logical step for many of our students. At the same time, many will be furthering their training with upcoming courses, including Intermediate Microsoft Skills and ServSafe® (a certification program for food handlers).

Student Star: Kayla H.

Student Star: Akira Chisley

Q&A with Mr. Marqus

9th & 10th Grade High School Teacher

1.  Tell me about yourself?

I have been working at High Road School for seven years. I love sports, music, and helping others do anything. I love brining high energy to everything.

2.  What’s your favorite subject to teach? Why?

Government. The process of American government rarely changes from the local, state, or national level. History represents a lot of what’s happening now.

3.  What is your proudest teaching moment?

Teaching about earthquakes and natural disasters, then applying a project that allows the students to utilize the information provided about earthquakes.

4.  If you weren’t a teacher at High Road, what would you be doing?

More than likely, working a job to help others achieve goals and growth in life.

5.  If you could have taught anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

I would’ve loved to teach any black person in the South in the late 1800s. There was a fear of an educated black person in America, and I would’ve loved to assist with that growth.

Pre-Employment Transition Services Training

pre-employment-training-in-hospitality-twitter-debate_dnm_largeJuniors and seniors at the High Road School of Prince George’s County are participating in our Pre-Employment Transition Services (PETS) training. Our PETS program involves a representative from the RSA (Rehabilitation Serves Administration) coming to the school and providing our students with job exploration counseling, guidance on post-secondary education options, workplace readiness training, work-based learning, and instruction in self-advocacy. Students meet monthly for ongoing PETS training, which aims to equip them with the necessary skills and an understanding of how to maximize success in the real world of jobs.
img_0005 img_0002

November 21, 2016

Click here for Fall Open House invite flyer

October 2016

Annual Girls Love Mail Drive

largo_girls-love-mailStudents at the High Road School of Prince George’s County held their annual Girls Love Mail drive this October. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Girls Love Mail is a foundation that requests letters of support and encouragement to send to women and men who have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. This past summer, Girls Love 369fb564-4070-49f2-a0a5-e43551b9a877Mail ran out of letters to send to patients, so our students set a goal of creating 1,000 letters to mail in! Supporters can send letters year-round.

For this year’s effort, we especially want to congratulate Jordan M., an eighth-grader at the High Road School of Prince George’s County, who submitted 450 letters to be submitted and was awarded with a pair of pink Beats by Dre headphones!

Visit for more info.

June 2, 2016

International Day 2016

International Day imageCultural diversity is our shared heritage and the greatest opportunity to learn about one another’s diverse cultures. Our aim with our annual International Day event is to enhance the diversity that enriches us all and honor the human rights that bring us together. Diversity holds the promise of renewal, acts as an engine of development and an invitation to dialogue, and is a vehicle to discovery.

In this spirit of cooperation, our elementary, middle, and high school classes selected an international country and studied its culture. Each student gathered information about the chosen country’s population, currency, food, fashion, tourism, and government. This year, the students researched 10 countries, including China, Dominion Republic, France, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Japan, and Mexico. Each class decorated their classroom with pictures and posters depicting information about the country. Then, with their passports in hand, students visited each country and received a stamp in their passports showing that they had visited.

Parents also visited the High Road School to participate in International Day by touring each country. Students and staff had the opportunity to taste a variety of international foods such as jerk chicken and beef patties from Jamaica and chicken fried rice from China.

As always, it was an enlightening, educational experience that we look forward to each year.

May 18, 2016

A Silver Achievement

silver medalWe are ending the school year with our High Road School students Zakirah Turnage (high school) and Jeniah Williams (elementary school) having accomplished reaching silver level on their point sheets!

A point sheet is used to track and monitor a student’s behavior and work assignments that must be met with a number of points required by the end of the school day. Once a student has earned required points for completing assignments and for appropriate behavior for three consecutive days, they advance to the next level. Red level is the lowest, followed by yellow level, green, blue, and silver. Gold is the highest level of achievement.

Privileges for silver level are as follows: Students may take unescorted trips to the restrooms, to the front office, and may deliver information from one classroom teacher to another. Silver-level students receive lunch each Wednesday and participate in Friday field trips.

Responsibilities of a silver-level student are: displaying appropriate behavior at all times, completing all assigned tasks and work daily, and continuing to be a role model to fellow students by fulfilling these responsibilities. Additionally, each silver-level student is assigned a particular silver-level responsibility of their own.

Zakirah expressed her excitement about being on silver level and says she will continue to meet her goals by asking for assistance from her teachers, being responsible for her actions, and striving to be a better person. For her silver-level responsibility, she would like to promote a book drive to improve literacy.

Jeniah is also excited about being on silver level because this status recognizes that she comes to school every day, does what her teachers ask her to do, and completes all her work as assigned. She plans to continue achieving her personal goals by ignoring classroom distractions and staying on task. For her silver-level responsibility, Jeniah is considering starting a greeting-card business or an ice-cream stand here at High Road School.

May 18, 2016

A Successful Year: Thomas Rouse

road to successThomas Rouse is a senior attending the High Road School of Prince George’s County. Thomas has been an outstanding student throughout his four years with us, consistently maintaining a 3.7 grade point average and blue-level status for most of the school year. According to Thomas’s high school homeroom teacher, Mrs. Cameron, and teacher aide, Mrs. Fairweather, Thomas has a generous heart and is always concerned and looking out for his fellow classmates.

Mr. Stanback added, “There are many positive things that can be said about Thomas. The one thing that stands out is his work ethic. Thomas is a very hard worker who would do anything to reach his goals. In the beginning of the year, he told me he wanted to go to college. He understood that for him to reach that goal, he would have to work harder and improve his grades. With a different mind-set, that’s exactly what Thomas did. He didn’t miss any assignments, and his grades improved. As a result, Thomas was accepted into Allegany Community College and will start in the fall. I’m very proud of him for reaching this goal. I’m even more proud of him for being the great young man that he is becoming. Being a great, responsible person is going to take Thomas far in life.”

Thomas is also very proud of his accomplishments at the High Road School and is very excited to graduate and attend college in Allegany County, Maryland, with a four-year scholarship this fall.

May 18, 2016

Michael Cardin Scholarship Winners 2016

congratulationsEach year, MANSEF offers scholarship opportunities for students in nonpublic special education across the state of Maryland. Throughout the years, these scholarships have helped a number High Road students explore educational and growth experiences outside the classroom. This year, seven students throughout High Road Schools in Maryland have earned scholarships to support their future endeavors. We are all so proud of their accomplishments!

  • William Allen, a Montgomery County Public Schools student attending High Road Academy, will use his scholarship for tuition at Montgomery College.
  • Micah Breeden, a Prince George’s County Public Schools student attending High Road Academy, will use his scholarship to attend Howard Community College, where he will pursue his associate’s degree in human services.
  • Chaise Grady, a Prince George’s County Public Schools student attending the High Road School, will use her scholarship to attend Prince George’s Community College, where she will pursue a degree in business management.
  • Briana Hedgpeth, a Washington, DC, Public Schools student attending the High Road Academy, will use her scholarship for tuition to attend UDC Community College, where she will pursue her AA degree.
  • Aaron Kenon, a Prince George’s County Public Schools student attending High Road Academy, will use his scholarship to attend drawing and sketching classes at Prince George’s Community College.
  • Dajah Nwachukwu, a previous Cardin Scholar from Prince George’s County Public Schools who attends High Road School of Southern Maryland, will use her scholarship to attend UMUC’s Lift Program.
  • Thomas Rouse, a Prince George’s County Public Schools student attending High Road School of Prince George’s County, will use his scholarship for tuition to attend Allegany College of Maryland to pursue his degree in hospitality.

Click here to read MANSEF’s press release.

May 16, 2016

Watkins Nature Center

going greenRecently, Ms. Cameron’s elementary class and Ms. Golden’s middle class visited the Watkins Nature Center. They had a close-up look at wildlife amphibians, reptiles, and birds of prey. The hands-on experience was great. The students were able to touch the animals and observe how amphibians and reptiles live.

The students were very engaged and enjoyed listening to the zoologist curators explain the differences between an amphibian and a reptile and the of birds of prey.

The nature center also features indoor and outdoor ponds, a songbird feeding area, a butterfly/hummingbird garden, a composting area, an outdoor nest box exhibit, and a squirrel gym that showcases the park’s squirrel population.

The students all expressed that they would like to visit the Watkins Nature Center again to see more of the exhibits.

May 3, 2016

Fine Arts Festival 2016

FAF 2016This year, the High Road School of Prince George’s County participated in our annual Fine Arts Festival, where hundreds of students from across the region contributed an array of art and performances depicting their reflection of themselves and the world around them. We submitted dozens of murals, as well as performed a beautiful skit in front of fellow Catapult Learning students and staff. Our theme was “Artist’s Inspiration,” whereby students reflected on what motivates them to be creative and then allowed those thoughts to impact how they decorated a self-portrait or silhouette of themselves. The students worked cooperatively together and really enjoyed the process of drawing and outlining, helping others in need, blending colors, and problem solving to get the job done. We are looking forward to future events, like International Week, at High Road, where imagination breeds innovation.

March 15, 2016

Art Project: Sunset by Luther Wright

ARTOur students recently engaged in a hands-on art activity in which they learned the concept of blending textures using oil pastels to reflect an original piece of artwork titled “Sunset” by the artist Luther Wright. The students added their own creativity to the mix by working on images of landscapes from around the world. The main directives of the art activity were to follow directions and to highlight color contrast, while the primary purpose of this project was to expand students’ exposure to nontraditional occupational paths.

All work was exhibited at the end of the activity so that High Road staff could judge the student art contest, with the following results:

First Session Winner: Cortez Teshawn Wilson
Second Session Winner: Glenn Wade

Each winner was able to select an original art design by Luther Wright as their prize.

March 8, 2016

Inside the Classroom

Classroom News iconMr. Alexander, High Road high school teacher, conducted a virtual science experiment called “Population Competition.” The students observed two microorganisms competing for the same food source in a test tube over a period of time. The interactive program running on the SMART Board allowed the process to accelerate the time, so the population growth or decline was observed in a few classes instead of over a span of weeks.

Student Star: Akira Chisley


March 4, 2016

Workforce Development Program: Thomas Rouse

thomas rouseThomas Rouse is a 12th grader attending the High Road School of Prince George’s County. He is the first student from High Road’s Largo school to participate in our new Workforce Development Program and to enroll in the culinary arts certificate program offered through Prince George’s Community College. It’s been a couple of weeks since Thomas started attending the program, and so far, so good—he is doing very well! He has demonstrated a commitment to learning and advancing by fulfilling all of the requirements and expectations of program participation, and he’s even been involved in a number of role-plays as he and his fellow classmates learn about how to provide great customer service.

Thomas will be able to apply this vocational learning in the very near future: He has been accepted as a full-time student in the culinary arts program at Allegeny College, in Cumberland, Maryland.

February 24, 2016

Six Flags “Read to Succeed” Program

6 flags read to successSix Flags “Read to Succeed” is a partnership program encouraging and motivating students to read for fun for a total of 6 hours or 360 minutes. They can read magazines, newspapers, comic books, or eBooks. However, reading for homework does not count. Each student keeps track of their reading in a log. When the students reach their goal, they return their log to their teacher by the assigned date in order to qualify for a free ticket to a Six Flags theme park. Talk about making reading fun!




February 22, 2016

Shout-Out to Our Star Student Jacquez Miles

Jacquez MilesJacquez Miles is an 11-year-old student at the High Road School of Prince George’s County in Largo, MD. During the football season, he’s demonstrated his commitment to both his team and his academic studies by getting his work done and staying on task in order to maintain his blue-level status. Jacquez understands that it takes a lot of determination to withstand the challenges and distractions he must face. But he focuses on doing his best and keeps other classmates motivated inside and outside the classroom. Congratulations to Jacquez Miles, star student!



February 4, 2016

Celebrating Black History Month: Jackie Robinson

robinson 42The High Road School of Prince George’s County in Largo kicked off Black History Month on February 1st by attending a solo performance at the Publik Playhouse. The solo performance, Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart, was about the life of Baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson. There will be month-long events celebrating Black History Month.