Program Information

Program Information

The High Road School of Providence is a Type 1 educational program serving the instructional and behavioral needs of emotionally disturbed adolescents in a supportive and structured environment.

Every day, our privatized facility puts over 25 years of experience to work for our student body, concentrating on a twofold prime objective:

  1. Implementing our innovative, effective, and time‐proven instructional and behavioral model to expertly address our students’ particular challenges.
  2. Preparing our students for reintegration into the least restrictive environment possible, as quickly as possible.

To accomplish our mission, we custom‐design individualized education plans for each student, placing intensive emphasis on scholastics through the use of a tutorial‐based rotational system that ensures that each student receives challenging one‐on‐one instruction in all core academic areas; we augment our instructional model with numerous computerized curriculums that further reinforce newly acquired skills; and we make sure each of our students receives any and all supplementary services required to reach identified goals, like individual counseling or physical therapy.

For our older students, we offer a wide array of on‐site and community-based transitional “School‐to‐Work” services, designed to prepare them for postgraduation employment. And throughout it all, our highly advanced rewards‐based behavioral management system is fully integrated into all aspects of our program, consistently motivating our students to ever‐higher levels of self‐esteem and success—in the classroom, at home, and in the community.

High Road Schools are committed to providing students with exposure to a variety of careers and skill sets for preparation beyond their high school years. Two of the particular in-house opportunities available to students of the High Road School of Providence are our Landscaping Program and our Culinary Arts Program, both of which equip students with skills and experiences that will be sure to open career doors.

We developed the Landscaping Program for students who have an interest in nature and working outdoors. The program is designed to instruct students in the basics of landscaping while executing projects around the school. Projects include clearing out areas around the school, clearing weeds, cutting back trees, and even cutting down trees when necessary. Students will be involved with installing a decorative fence on campus, along with some planting beds. Students also learn now to use common gardening tools, such as a rake and a sickle.

The High Road School of Providence’s Culinary Arts Program began in 2009 for students interested in gaining exposure to the wide range of skills and tools associated with the culinary arts. An integral part of the program has been the establishment of the Black Jack Café, which provides students with hands-on experience in such areas as food preparation, customer service, cash register operation, and bussing services.

Now that both the program and the café have been established for several years, this arm of our Transition Services has proven to be a training ground for future chefs and restaurateurs. As students acquire a variety of culinary skills and knowledge of how to prepare many food dishes, they proceed through a well-paced three-tired program that includes: (1) school preparation; (2) supported internships; and (3) job placement. Additionally, the Culinary Arts Program offers Safe Serve certification, enabling participants to secure employment in restaurants in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The experiences gained in both the Landscaping Program and Culinary Arts Program build the confidence and competence of each participating student. The skills and knowledge gained will help provide endless possibilities for independence and success beyond their years in high school.