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High Road School at Smyrna

Smyrna School District’s Level 5 classroom, staffed in partnership by Smyrna School District and High Road School, exists within Smyrna Middle School. The behavioral and academic supports familiar to a High Road School are present, while the curriculum matches the district’s expectations. In addition to supporting students in increasing the likelihood of utilizing a replacement behavior or accessing a coping mechanism, this student population is challenged to demonstrate the skills needs to partake in push-out (i.e., returning to a class/classes in the least restrictive environment) opportunities.

Students in the Level 5 classroom are in grades 7 and 8 and are primarily diagnosed with an Emotional Disability (ED) or Other Health Impairment (OHI). Students with other disabilities or 504 Plans are accepted into this program as well.

Since January 2018, our program has been successfully meeting the needs of our students by delivering highly structured academic and behavioral instruction and social skills training and by building and nurturing healthy peer relationships. We hold our students to a high level of accountability for their own education and their behavior while simultaneously displaying empathy for their learning challenges and skillfully assessing each student’s particular strengths and weaknesses. Level 5 staff apply a tutorial-style method of teaching, in which students are instructed one-on-one for at least one hour each morning in the core academic subjects of reading, mathematics, and writing. Academic skills are further developed and reinforced using computer programs and an individualized curriculum that caters to each student’s specific learning style.