News & Events

News & Events

The Walk for Autism 2018

High Road School Of Southern Delaware would like to thank everyone that came out to see us at The Walk for Autism located at Cape Henlopen State Park.

If you’re interested in becoming involved in helping Autism Delaware please visit their website

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy with Courageous Hearts

Our students participated in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy with Courageous Hearts. Courageous Hearts is located in Lincoln DE. They help students dealing with ADHD, Depression, Behavior Issues, and more. Courageous Hearts help teach skills and give encouragement to develop confidence along with other great abilities that students can use in their daily life. Working with the horses gave our students as sense of accomplishment and pride with every session. Our students enjoyed every visit!.

Learning about Agriculture

The Delaware Farm Bureau Foundation brought their Mobile AG Lab to our school. The bureau went over the history of agriculture as well what the future holds for farmers. They gave each student a seed to plant and tend to just like a farmer would. The students walked away with a new outlook on today’s farming industry.

Fall Fest 2017

High Road School of Southern Delaware would like to give a special thanks to everyone that came out to help us celebrate “Fall Fest”. Our students were able to have their face painted, bob for apples, trick or treat, and after a trip to a local orchard decorate pumpkins. The students also helped their teachers decorate their classroom door. Great job everyone!

Open House

Thank you to everyone that came out and joined us for our 2nd annual High Road School of Southern Delaware open house event. We are excited for the 2017- 2018 school year!

Future Net

Future Net is program that will help our students at High Road School of Southern Delaware grow by helping them learn skill they can use to have path to higher their education and to find a job. The program focus on a number of different areas such as computer based skills, hands on training, work readiness, and higher education placement. The program also helps by offering counseling with goal setting, paid internships and volunteer programs. Mr. Fred Pearson will be overseeing the students participating Future Net this school year.

High Road School Choir

High Road School of Southern Delaware has started its first year of choir led by Ms. Brosha Conaway. This year the choir will be singing at local nursing homes and sporting events!

High Road School Athletic Club

The athletic club is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of each student. This program led by Danielle Georgetti and Maurice Tooles offers students to stay active while doing something they love and look forward to. The players are held to a high standard on and off the field. The activities the club will be focusing on are football, basketball, and kickball. We are all excited here at High Road of Southern Delaware for our sport season.

Newsletter Club

This year High Road School of Southern Delaware will have its first newsletter club. Mr. Andrew Ross and Ms. Brandi Deene will be the lead editors. The newsletter is a great opportunity for High Road students to gain a responsibility that teaches them valuable life skills and acts as a creative outlet. This is a completely student- led project where everyone comes together as a team to determine things like title of the newsletter, the type of content it will have, and how the responsibilities will be shared. Students working on the newsletter will surely see an improvement in their writing, critical thinking, graphic design, and teamwork. There will be a newsletter issued per quarter. !