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My daughter has been in the High Road School system, going to the Wallingford school, for the last two and a half years. She started at High Road after a series of bullying incidents could not be handled properly at another therapeutic school. My daughter started in the middle of eighth grade and is currently completing her sophomore year of high school.

Since the very beginning, I have been very impressed and extremely satisfied with High Road’s approach to education and the therapeutic needs of the children. The structure of the academics, including the extensive one-on-one instruction, maximizes the ability for each child to learn at their own pace. Kids do not get lost if there is something they do not understand and kids who are more capable are able to go at a faster rate because so much is individualized. The oversight and constant supervision ensures kids are never left unattended, which prevents small issues between students from escalating.

The therapeutic services provided by High Road have been extraordinarily beneficial to my daughter. She has a personality disorder and, prior to entering High Road, had been hospitalized for psychiatric care nine times in the proceeding 14 months. Since attending High Road, my daughter has only been hospitalized [for] two short stays and has not had to go to the hospital in 16 months. There are multiple licensed social workers on-site and each child is assigned their primary person. In addition, most (if not all) of the staff are trained in the discipline and they are able to handle situations that tend to alarm public schools. If a child is having a difficult day, the system and the staff are prepared to deal with it, addressing the needs of the child while also serving the rest of the students without disrupting their routines.

Interacting with the administration has been highly satisfying. If information is needed or a concern needs to be raised, I can depend on getting emails and phone calls from my daughter’s teacher, social worker and the [school] director. On the few occasions when something had to be brought to the director’s attention, I received prompt action and a follow-up communication to ensure my satisfaction.

I am a big advocate for High Road’s system. It has produced great benefits for my daughter. She is on track for planning her future after high school and that was a skeptical dream only three years ago.

~ High Road Parent

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