Program Information

Program Information

The goals of High Road School are:

  • To provide each student with the academic and social skills to be successful in the school, community, and family system
  • To prepare students to return to a less restrictive setting as quickly as possible
  • To prepare students for State of Connecticut testing programs
  • To provide students with consistent and structured tutorials in order to prevent regression and produce both academic and behavioral gains
  • To provide students with an array of cultural and recreational experiences

High Road’s interdisciplinary staff—consisting of an Education Director, Admissions Director, certified special education teachers, teaching assistants, school social workers, school psychologists, and speech-language pathologists—is responsible for providing our comprehensive special education program. The services of a psychiatrist and occupational therapists are also available on an as-needed basis.

The High Road School of Wallingford meets the instructional and behavioral needs of students with exceptionalities including but not limited to: ED, LD/SLD, ASD, TBI, ADHD, communication disorders, and multiple disabilities. Educational course sequencing is based on that of the respective school district and addresses all state standards in order to facilitate reintegration into the public school system and/or progression toward graduation. Our small class sizes of no more than 10 students per teacher and TA ensure that each student receives personal attention and customized instruction that accommodates their particular learning style and their specific strengths and deficits.

Our school operates Monday–Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Throughout the day, core subjects are taught through a rotational tutorial model that entails one-on-one sessions, small-group work, and independent study, enhanced by computer-assisted learning. We also provide physical education, social skills training, health education, and an array of electives like art, Spanish, and computer classes. Our vocational education for high-school-aged students—offering coursework and training in such areas as the culinary arts, horticulture, and building maintenance—is complemented by established collaborative partnerships in the community that provide on-the-job training, hands-on learning, mentorships/apprenticeships, and volunteer opportunities with local businesses and organizations as part of addressing our students’ transition-related prevocational and vocational needs.

In addition to students referred to us by their districts for full-service, longer-term programming, we accept students for diagnostic services as well. Our short-term 40-day Interim Alternative Education Placement (IAEP) program is a fully developed academic and behavioral intervention plan that expertly meets all district needs for interim placements; it encompasses intensive academic intervention, comprehensive behavior management, and individual and group counseling. With the end goal of reintegrating participating students into their public school settings, High Road assists public school districts with appropriate placement evaluation, review, and recommendations to best meet the needs of each student.

To supplement our school’s regular 10-month school year program, we offer an ESY (extended school year) program for eligible students. This summer programming provides academic support with an eye toward preventing regression of skills and maintaining academic and behavioral skills development through such means as subject area tutorials, behavioral instruction, recreational activities, and cultural experiences.

Family involvement continues to be a staple of the High Road model, and parents are always encouraged to visit the school at any time, learn more about our program, and become as involved as they wish in the academic pursuits of their children.

The High Road School of Wallingford and its adjunct site in Hartford do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, ethnic background, religion, or gender in the admission of students or employment of staff.


Transition & Vocational Programming

The High Road School of Wallingford: High School offers a comprehensive transition program for students in grades 9–12 and age-out students.

These students participate in an active and exploratory curriculum that combines classes required for graduation with vocational experiences and a work readiness program that provide instruction and support in developing the basic skills needed to succeed in today’s workplace. Each student’s transition program is individualized per that student’s specific talents, interests, skill levels, and needs, and may include such targeted areas of instruction and coaching as professional hygiene, job interviewing skills, taking on-the-job directives, and appropriately responding to both common and unexpected scenarios.

Our content-specific trade tracks include culinary arts, horticulture, building maintenance, and industrial arts.

Culinary training entails teaching the students all about food safety and handling, portion control, baking, and cooking meats and seafood, among many other skills that prepare them for employment in the food services industry, as well as for independent living. Under the guidance of our staff chef, the students venture out into the community to practice smart shopping, to become familiar with available kitchen appliances and equipment, and to explore multicultural food items. The Culinary Department not only makes delicious and nutritious lunches and snacks for our staff and students, but it also provides catering services in the community upon request and for special events.

In our building maintenance and trade/industrial vocational clusters, students learn the safe and proper use of common tools—miter saw, drill press, table saw, cordless drills, and other power tools—in our newly renovated production room. They start the interactive curriculum by building their own classic toolbox; each time they master the use of a particular hand tool, they get to add it to their box! Once skills are adequately acquired in the classroom, they are put into practice in the community on actual job sites including: Orange Fence, Re-Store (Habitat for Humanity), Choate-Rosemary Hall, Carpenters Union Local #24, Gateway Community College, City of West Haven, and numerous other local and small businesses in the area.

Our horticulture students can be found on the school grounds, caring for our abundance of plants. They learn all about gardening and landscaping, turf management, plant identification, and basic landscape architecture and design, enhanced by coordinated visits to local businesses for vocational and educational opportunities. Small business management even comes into play when students line up residential homes for season activities like leaf raking and lawn mowing. Stay tuned for more news on the addition of horticulture sites as the year progresses!

High Road’s ever-expanding vocational opportunities give our students specific training in areas of their interests. The concentrated hands-on work experience also gives our students more options with future paid employment opportunities.

2017-2018 School Calendar

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Renaissance Learning STAR Assessments

New to the program this year is the addition of Reniassance STAR, an academic assessment system that provides progress monitoring for student achievement. This system will supplement our current pre- and post-testing procedures using the Woodcock Reading Mastery and KeyMath assessment tools.

We are excited about this significant enhancement to our diagnostic protocols because this latest progress monitoring capability produces timely reports that our data teams analyze to ensure that we are guiding our students toward optimal academic success.

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Reading Program Handouts

40-Day IAEP Program

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Apex Learning: Credit Recovery Curriculum

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Competitive Sports

competitive sports photoThe High Road Hornets are gearing up for another exciting year playing a wide range of sports, including cross-country, basketball, volleyball, softball and flag football. High Road students in grades 8–12 from across the region are eligible to be on the team once they achieve upper-level status on our behavior management system.

The team faces challenging games with students from other nonpublic schools in the area. The Hornets look forward to Fridays, when they travel to selected schools for the competition.

The competitive sports program enables the students to learn more about a variety of games as well as giving them a great opportunity to interact with new peers. Along with exercise and good sportsmanship, this activity provides team members with another venue where they can put their social skills into practice.