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To Whom It May Concern:

I am a grandmother and legal guardian to a 6th-grade student here at High Road School in Wallingford, CT. He came to High Road when he was in kindergarten from a special ED class at Ridge Road School in North Haven. He is diagnosed with ADHD, PDD and on the spectrum of autism. My grandson is high functioning and very bright. Due to the help, support, and individualized program that High Road offers, he is doing well above his grade level academically but struggles with behavior issues. Because of the structure and consistency at High Road, he knows what to expect. High Road has clear rules and consequences for not following the rules, which helps him to regulate his negative behavior.

The communication between his teachers, social worker and school staff and me is remarkable. They work with me to implement their techniques that work at school so I can use them at home.

If it wasn’t for High Road, I believe my grandson would be one of those kids that gets lost in the school system. Because his disability is not visible, I fear that he might be labeled as the troublemaker instead of someone who needs special attention. High Road has given him the skills he is going to need to function to his capacity in everyday life. With the continued help of High Road, I know he will thrive as an adult. I wish there were more schools to help many children that need the specialized education that High Road offers.

~ High Road Guardian

I appreciate all your help and efforts. I am proud of him as well and his self-esteem has improved greatly since being at High Road. He no longer has nightmares and he is excited about school. He is not fearful of authority figures anymore and his innocence has returned. I appreciate that you take the time to hold him accountable and explain things to him. Most of all, I appreciate the professionalism, feedback, and consistency. My son did not have that at his previous school. I have my son back and I am grateful.

~ High Road Parent Communication with Instructor