High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County (Lanham, MD)


High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County

9701 Philadelphia Court, Suite M
Lanham, MD 20706
Phone: 301-210-4860
Fax: 301-210-4863

Director                             Associate Director
Michelle Anderson               David Clarke








The High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County has been serving the instructional and behavioral needs of at-risk students in Prince George’s County since 2001. With 30 years of company experience informing our unique education model and customized curriculums, we’re distinctly prepared to meet the individualized needs of our various student populations. Working as a vendor on behalf of local public schools/school districts by providing specialized education services to students with special needs, we concentrate our efforts on guiding our students through personalized academic, behavioral, and transitional goals to ensure their continued development and growth.

Because we specialize in high-school-aged students (in both a graded and a nongraded program), we place great emphasis on equipping them with the skills and know‐how they’ll need to function properly and productively in society following graduation via our comprehensive Life Skills Program. This program consists of five components—(1) Academic Curriculum; (2) Vocational Training; (3) Behavioral & Social Skills; (4) Community Immersion; and (5) Independent Living Instruction—and since its inception in 2005, we’re proud to say that the program has graduated 100% of its seniors.

In a continuing effort to further assist our at-risk populations in fulfilling their districts’ graduation requirements, the High Road Upper School has recently added a Credit Recovery Program to our school’s offerings. This initiative affords students aged 18–21 the chance to recover credits lost over the span of their high school career, thus providing an increased number of students with additional opportunities and avenues to earn their high school diploma.

With a dedicated staff of teachers, counselors, and job coaches all taking advantage of High Road’s small class sizes, supplementary support services, and individualized approach to education, we’re able to lead our students toward success in all facets of their lives—in the classroom, at home, and in the community.

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The High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County
is a proud member of MANSEF

High Road School is proudly accredited by AdvancED. Our accreditation demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement in all that we do. We also are proud to be affiliated with Catapult Learning, which has received Corporate Accreditation through AdvancED.