Missouri Non-Public Title I Program

For the last 14 years, NESI and Catapult Learning have provided a comprehensive and flexible Title I program for participating private school students, their families, and teachers in 54 local education agencies (LEAs) in Missouri. Private schools in Missouri have diverse student populations with reading and math curricula varying among schools. The intervention program offered to the private school participants supports students at-risk in meeting state and national academic standards with an emphasis on improving math and reading performance. During the 2015–16 school year, Title I students receiving Catapult Learning services showed an average increase of 9.0 normal curve equivalents (NCEs) in reading and 11.2 NCEs in math.

Intervention services were held 3–4 days a week in small-group settings using a research-based intervention model revolving around the needs of the student. Professional development workshops provided additional guidance to private school teachers of Title I-participating students and parent involvement activities increased at-home support.

Program Overview:

School Year: 2015–16
Grades Served: PreK–8
Services: Math & Reading Intervention; PD; Parent Involvement Programs
Assessments: GRADE/GMADE

Schools Served
Students Served
LEAs Served

Key Highlights

of parents and families attended at least 1 parent involvement event
hands-on workshops involving classroom teachers of participating Title I students were conducted
of the private school officials had a face-to-face consultation with supervisors regarding Title I services

Students Improve Performance in Reading and Math

Title I Students Achieved 9.0 Point Increase in Reading

Title I Students Achieved 11.2 Point Increase in Math

Test results are based on contractor administered standardized tests: GRADE and GMADE.