Pennsylvania (Bucks County) Literacy Intervention

Program Overview:

School Location: Newtown, PA
Mrs. Nancy Matteo
School Grade Levels: PreK-8
Catapult Learning Programs: Counseling, AchieveLiteracy

Catapult Learning’s New AchieveLiteracy Program Focuses on Student-Driven Instruction

Catapult Learning is a proud partner of St. Andrew Catholic School in Newtown, PA, providing intervention and counseling services to students. St. Andrew Catholic School supports PreK through 8th grade students. In 2018, Catapult Learning released a new AchieveLiteracy program to provide English Language Arts (ELA) instruction. The program is turnkey; led by an teacher trained and staffed by Catapult Learning. At St. Andrew Catholic School, students receive remediation classes twice a week for 40 minutes a session. The AchieveLiteracy curriculum encourages students to interact with the literature, explain their reasoning, and collaborate with their peers to reflect on reading.