Parent Information

Parent Information

Parent Testimonial #1

My name is Geneva E. Jackson-Cooper. I have eight children; some are adopted and four have special needs. I have been a foster mother to several children. I have been involved in many Baltimore City Public School organizations, such as BEN, B-More Leaders, PCAB, and the Parent Leadership Group, and I’ve been the PTA president under five different principals. I have always had the desire to help children, parents, and caregivers in any way I can. In my travels, I have visited many schools and gone with other parents as a support for their child’s IEP meeting. This is how I came across where New Hope Academy is now, but the school was under a different name. As a parent, I felt the school was in turmoil. The school closed and reopened as New HopeAcademy #345. What a big difference!!!

My son Rashaw is a big kid. He is a special needs child with severe behavior problems. Rashaw has been in several schools and programs that did not work. Now he is at New Hope. He still has behavior problems, but they are handled differently. The class sizes are much smaller. Every student at New Hope has some type of behavior problem. The staff at this school are therapeutically trained to help children that have different types of behaviors. They know how to reach these children without belittling them. If Rashaw was in this school years ago, I sincerely believe he would be a different child. Every staff at New Hope has the student’s best interest at heart. They know all the children by their first name. I am called when Rashaw does well or if he did not have a good day. The school, the parents, and the students are all on the same page.

Thank you New Hope Academy! I am really grateful and thankful that my child is enrolled in this school!

Parent Testimonial #2

Too often educators are not commended for the Herculean job that they perform daily educating our kids. It is for that reason that I want you to know that I am pleased with the job your staff has done with my grandson, Terrell J.

I am impressed with the professionalism exhibited by staff when interacting with students and parents alike. As a parent who attends the Family Connections meeting monthly, I have taken notice of how orderly and clean the school is. It is refreshing to enter a school where every day staff greet you with a smile and are eager to assist. It is worth noting that calls from the school to report poor behavior or missed assignments are balanced with calls to report improvements. This is something I did not experience at other schools.

I am also pleased with Terrell’s overall development, as he did not fare well at other schools before enrolling at New Hope Academy. Prior to attending your school, Terrell was introverted and did not speak to staff or other kids. He did not socialize with his peers outside of our home at all and suffered with undiagnosed learning and emotional disabilities. He has improved thanks to counseling and New Hope Academy. Admittedly, Terrell has a long way to go, but now I am confident that he will graduate and maybe even fulfill his dream to work as a Florida State Trooper.

Gloria Tripline