A Personalized Approach for Ricky

Ricky, a 20-year-old student at the High Road School of Baltimore County, had difficulty with academics and social skills. He struggled to maintain regular attendance, and he disliked reading out loud. Ricky also refused to voice or work through his feelings appropriately. He also had outbursts that prevented him from doing his best.

To create an environment in which Ricky could thrive, the High Road staff recognized that it needed to provide a personalized approach based on Ricky’s needs. As a result, the size of the classes he attended was reduced into a smaller group with a lower student-to-staff ratio.

We’re happy to offer small classes where students can receive more one on one attention. This environment allows them to push themselves even further academically without the fear of embarrassment.

Tyler Fleischmann, special education teacher

With this adjusted classroom model, Ricky was allowed the time and space to come out of his shell. These changes drastically improved his performance at school. He no longer fell asleep in class but was engaged, completing lessons and testing even when he wasn’t feeling up to it. Today, Ricky participates in group rotations, and he even sometimes volunteers to read out loud.

Along the way, Ricky received the support he needed to push him toward his potential. In addition to working with teachers, Ricky had help from specially trained life skills staff, who assisted Ricky with completing job applications as well as mock interview questions to help him feel more prepared for life beyond the classroom.

One of the biggest changes put into place for Ricky’s success was implemented by his parents. They took our behavior modification program and put a spin on it at home. When Ricky would start to complain about coming to school they offered him incentives for each day he attended. Ricky was able to catch onto this quickly.

Jes Koubik, assistant teacher

Ricky’s success at High Road School extends beyond his academic performance. Since attending the school, he’s taken on a role as leader in the classroom – an effort he exercised himself. Ricky now consistently receives good marks for behavior. He’s gone on several field trips, his favorite being a class hiking trip, whereas before he struggled to maintain the proper behaviors to attend. Overall, Ricky has improved tremendously at High Road School of Baltimore County. He is succeeding academically, has improved behaviorally and is branching out socially, growing into a well-rounded student.

It’s very clear that his peers look up to and respect him greatly. In fact, he has formed a very close relationship with one student in particular and enjoys working closely with this student to help keep him on track. Ricky has become an amazing peer tutor.
Tyler Fleischmann, special education teacher