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Sierra School of Antioch

Sierra School of Antioch is dedicated to serving students who have not experienced success in traditional academic settings due to learning, language and social challenges that require special attention. We provide that attention in the form of custom-designed academic programs, tailored to each student’s strengths and needs and delivered via our unique rotational model of instruction, a structured behavioral management system, and a nurturing environment in which they can develop their academic abilities, hone their social skills, and cultivate proper behaviors.

View our School Accountability Report Cards (SARC) for our Preschool (Grant Site), Elementary (Kimball Site), Elementary (Diablo Vista Site) and Middle & High School (Fremont Site).

PreSchool (Grant Site)
4325 Spaulding Street
Antioch, CA 94531

Elementary (Kimball Site)
1310 August Way
Antioch, CA 94509

Elementary (Diablo Vista Site)
4791 Prewett Road
Antioch, CA 94531

Middle & High School (Fremont Site)
1413 F Street
Antioch, CA 94509

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Our Students

Our students are referred to us by Antioch Unified School District to attend Sierra School and are generally PreK–12th grade (ages 3 to 22). Our students face disabilities in a variety of areas, including Autism, Intellectual Disability, Emotional Disability, Other Health Impairments, Specific Learning Disabilities, Speech Language Impairment, and more.

Our Staff

We are proud to employ certified special education teachers, staff trained in crisis intervention, and a Transitional Coordinator. We also provide mental health therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy through Antioch Unified School District

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Sierra School of Antioch is a nonpublic, special education school that utilizes a unique academic instructional model, an effective positive behavior management system, and multiple mental health techniques to increase academic awareness, develop social skills, and cultivate proper classroom behavior in each of our students.

At Sierra School, our goal is to expedite the transition of students back to the public school system and into mainstream society. We believe nothing is more instrumental to that process than building competence and confidence. That’s why we strive to help our students excel in the classroom, at home, and in their communities.

Sierra School offers our students access to several ancillary services designed to meet their specific needs. These services include but are not limited to: individual and group counseling, independent living skills, and the CA WorkAbility 1 Grant. All program components, from our academic model to each of our related services, are designed and implemented with the ultimate goal of expediting our students’ transition back to a less restrictive environment.

Our academic focus ranges from core academics (for students functioning at grade level) to functional/remedial skills (for students who, academically, perform below grade level). Sierra School offers programs to students who are on track for either a high school diploma or a certificate of completion. It is the mission of our school to build confidence and competence in each of our students, and we take great pride in giving all of our pupils ever opportunity to succeed.

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