Sierra School at Eastern: Lower School (Sacramento, CA)

Sierra School at Eastern: Lower School

cover page1150 Eastern Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95864
Phone: 916-488-5455
Fax: 916-488-6763

School Director
Carlee Erickson


The Sierra School at Eastern: Lower School is a nonpublic special education school in Sacramento that serves students aged 4 to 15, in grades K–8. The Sierra School utilizes a unique special education instructional model, positive behavior modification techniques, and mental health services to increase academic awareness, develop social skills, and cultivate appropriate classroom behavior. Sierra students benefit daily from a California-approved, standards-aligned curriculum, from the attention and guidance of highly qualified teachers, and from low staff-to-student ratios.

The Sierra School at Eastern supports students with diverse challenges, including but not limited to: specific learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, autism spectrum disorders, cognitive deficits, and other health impairments, such as ADHD.

Our students also have access to other special education services designed to meet their specific needs. These related services include occupational therapy, group and individual counseling, speech and language services, art therapy, independent living skills instruction, and transition programs.

All of our customized special education programs and services are designed and implemented to achieve the ultimate goal of expediting our students’ transition back to their public school program and into the next least restrictive environment so that they can continue to advance along all facets of their development and enjoy both academic and behavioral success in school.