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Program Information

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Technology in the Classroom

Technology-based learning is a vital supplement to the Sierra School’s core instruction, to familiarize our students with up-to-date hardware and software and to acclimate them to the products and programs so prevalent in their daily environment. Accordingly, we make concerted efforts to stay technologically current in our classrooms, outfitting them with multiple computers, all loaded with the latest instructional programs and teaching aids. We enhance basic computer skills and knowledge with leading-edge advancements, like disability-specific interactive software programs, adaptive technologies and equipment, and iPad-assisted learning.

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Responsibility Clubs at Sierra

There are many Responsibility Club offerings at the Sierra School at Eastern: Lower School, among them: Student Government, Auto Club, Art Club, Lawn & Garden Care Club, Yearbook Club, and the Sports League. Clubs take a break over the summer, but they resume each fall, with participation levels higher and higher each year!

Responsibility Clubs provide our students with a great opportunity to learn new skills in an area of personal interest to them while also allowing them time to get to meet and socialize with students from classrooms other than their own. Students can belong to a maximum of two clubs at one time and must be on green or blue level in order to attend the bi-monthly meetings. All clubs are interactive and designed and planned to accommodate the needs of our specialized populations.

The clubs also build a sense of community within the student body. Student Government, for example, is responsible for planning our monthly “Big Event,” whereas the Art Club might be responsible for providing the decorations. The different clubs therefore work together to accomplish a joint goal, and this kind of interaction and collaboration provides limitless—and priceless!—opportunities for our students to learn and grow.

Overall, the Sierra School at Eastern’s Responsibility Clubs give Sierra students a chance to participate in enriching activities while joyfully exploring their own personal strengths and preferences. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Project Help!

Select students at Sierra School at Eastern participate in a unique group titled “Project Help!” This group, which is advised and led by the Sierra School’s mental health team, is a specialized activity in which students learn the intrinsic value of helping other people. Sample altruistic activities include offering assistance to campus classrooms by straightening them up or making copies for the teachers. Students assist in the front office by organizing, cleaning, and occasional plant watering. But the most important aspect of this group is that the kids receive no extrinsic rewards for their services! No Sierra Dollars, no bonus points, no free time. … The only reward these students receive is the best kind of all: the warmth you feel in your heart after you’ve done something kind for someone else.