Program Information

Program Information

School Flyers

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Informational Brochures

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SARC (School Accountability Report Card)

Click here to see the Sierra School at Eastern: Upper School’s 2016–2017 report

SB 1375 Notice

Title IX remains a critical federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex (including sexual harassment) in our schools. It protects male and female students and employees in any educational entity that receives federal funds. In addition, Title IX protects transgender students and students who do not conform to sex stereotypes. State law also prohibits discrimination based on gender (sex), gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Senate Bill 1375 strengthens and expands the Title IX and state sex equity in education requirements.
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Schoolwide Student Learning Outcomes

The Sierra School’s goal is to build the confidence and competence of children facing learning, language, and social challenges through personalized academic interventions. Sierra is committed to achieving success with each student even in the face of obstacles, challenges, and excuses. The program is geared toward preparing youth to become responsible adults who are able to participate in their communities and lead self-fulfilling lives. We aim to build each student’s skills and self-esteem to a level that allows them to return to a mainstream school and become fully functioning members of society. In order to achieve this, Sierra has developed the following expected schoolwide learning results.

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Equine Therapy

The Sierra School at Eastern Upper has partnered with All About Equine to give students the opportunity for an exceptional experience, equine therapy. Once a month, Sierra School students will arrive at All About Equine, a horse rescue. Sierra students learn about horse behaviors, horse ownership responsibilities, basic handling and care, the rescue situation, and much more. The students will select a horse they feel connected with and will learn about their specific horse’s life and how their specific animal ended up at the rescue. Students will observe demonstrations and participate in feeding and cleaning as well as grooming. This is a unique, hands-on experience that is exclusive to the Sierra School.

Technology in the Classroom

Technology-based learning is a vital supplement to the Sierra School’s core instruction, to familiarize our students with up-to-date hardware and software and to acclimate them to the products and programs so prevalent in their daily environment. Accordingly, we make concerted efforts to stay technologically current in our classrooms, outfitting them with multiple computers, all loaded with the latest instructional programs and teaching aids. We enhance basic computer skills and knowledge with leading-edge advancements, like disability-specific interactive software programs, adaptive technologies and equipment, and iPad-assisted learning.

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Our Therapy Department provides individual and group counseling for students struggling with emotional and behavioral management. Sierra School therapists are trained in a number of different modalities in order to best treat the mental health needs of our students. The goal of counseling in the school is to help students process strong emotions, gain insight, and teach skills that will assist them in achieving success in the academic environment.

Students attend groups focused on anxiety, anger management, social skills, art therapy, self-esteem, and music therapy. These groups, in conjunction with individual support, benefit a wide spectrum of disorders and disabilities. Our therapists work as a collaborative team with parents, school personnel, and outside agencies to best serve our students.