Sierra School of Solano County (Elmira, CA)

Sierra School of Solano County

home page photo5415 Holdener Road
Elmira, CA 95625

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 590
Elmira, CA 95625

Phone: 707-453-6227
Fax: 707-453-6957

School Director
Tina Crivelli-Juarez


The Sierra School of Solano County was founded in August 2007. Located within the small town of Elmira, California, which is in the rich farmlands of Solano County, about an hour’s drive from San Francisco, our 12.5-acre campus offers spectacular views of the snow-capped Sierra Mountains. Our campus is home to several natural species from the area, including red-headed pheasants, foxes, red-tailed hawks, turkey vultures, raccoons, and even the occasional coyote.  

In this beautiful setting, our school has grown and our students have thrived since our opening … like their founding of our Annual Harvest Festival in October 2007, which focuses on fun, creativity, and cooperation as our students plan and host the event that is attended by and shared with sister Sierra Schools in the area. Our first traveling sports team, the Sierra Panthers, was formed in 2008 and has since gone on to place in the top positions in the Sac City league in softball, flag football, and basketball. In March 2008, we held our first Panthers’ track invitational, which allows local students to compete in a wide variety of track-and-field events in a safe and supported environment. In February 2007, Ms. Lane and our students from Room 4 founded our Black History Month & Poetry Jam competition and celebration; this annual event encourages students to learn about various cultures and histories while raising money for charities such as the Red Cross. In December 2007, our students launched their first community helping project, which raises funds and nonperishable foods for local Solano County food banks and has yielded more than two tons of foodstuffs donated by our students and staff.

From the moment the Sierra School opened, we have collaborated with local districts to provide individual and effective educational strategies to help our students meet and exceed their personal and academic goals. Our goal is to create and nurture lifelong learners who can succeed in both school and society. Our first student graduated high school with a full diploma in December 2007. Since then, many of our students have either graduated from high school or transitioned back to their home schools. Typically, at least 10% of our student body is in active transition back to their comprehensive school sites. 

Our students are creative and active in our school activities and environment. Students come here to learn, work hard, and have fun. At the Sierra School of Solano County, our school motto has always been our guiding force: “We work together, we win together.” This simple principle has helped our students make their environment more enriching and challenging while providing support and encouragement for their fellow students.