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Sierra School of Solano County

Students come to Sierra School of Solano County to foster their academic, social, and emotional learning while having fun. We focus on self and social-awareness, self-management, building relationships, and making responsible decisions. Our school motto has always been our guiding force: “We work together, we win together.” This simple principle has helped our students make their environment more enriching, while providing support and encouragement to their peers. Sierra Solano’s goal is to create and nurture lifelong learners who can succeed in both school and society.

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Our Students

Students are referred by their school district to attend Sierra School and are generally in grades K–12 (aged 5–22). They face disabilities in a variety of areas including Autism, Emotional Disability, Intellectual Disability- Mild to Moderate, Other Health Impairment, and Specific Learning Disability

Our Staff

We are proud to employ certified special education teachers, a mental health specialist, a mental health therapist, we provide speech therapy, and all staff are Pro-Act certified (our crisis intervention model)

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Sierra School of Solano County was founded in August 2007. Located within the small town of Elmira, California, which is in the rich farmlands of Solano County, about an hour’s drive from San Francisco, our 12.5-acre campus offers spectacular views of the snow-capped Sierra Mountains.

From the moment the Sierra School opened, we have collaborated with local districts to provide individual and effective educational strategies to help our students meet and exceed their personal and academic goals. Our goal is to create and nurture lifelong learners who can succeed in both school and society. Our first student graduated high school with a full diploma in December 2007. Since then, many of our students have either graduated from high school or transitioned back to their home schools. Typically, at least 10% of our student body is in active transition back to their comprehensive school sites.

Our students are creative and active in our school activities and environment. Students come here to learn, work hard, and have fun. At the Sierra School of Solano County, our school motto has always been our guiding force: “We work together, we win together.” This simple principle has helped our students make their environment more enriching and challenging while providing support and encouragement for their fellow students.

We provide that attention in the form of custom-designed academic programs tailored to each student’s strengths and needs, a structured behavioral management system, and a nurturing environment in which they can develop their academic abilities, hone their social skills, and cultivate proper behaviors.

Traveling Sports: The Sierra Panthers

Coach Frank heads our Sierra Panthers sports teams. The focus here is on simple athletic basics and teamwork. Students learn how to get along and work together to compete against various others schools in the city league. This program allows student to compete off-campus in individual games and tournaments. The Sierra Panthers sports teams include: softball, basketball, and flag football.

Zoo Keepers

This program focuses on teaching students the skills necessary to maintain and raise aquatic animals. Students learn to feed, maintain, and care for a variety of aquatic species. Through hands-on activities lef by Sierra School staff, students learn how and why specific animals need specific care and how to set up and clean aquariums, among other tasks.

Performing Arts Club

New for the 2018–19 school year, Sierra School is excited to offer students the opportunity to learn more about the arts. Students will have a chance to be involved with theatre, dance, music, and photography during school hours.


Our Workability Program supports students in finding and keeping employment. Students work on money management through our “Sierra Student Store” and “Sierra Bank” where they also are responsible for student jobs in our store, bank, and “Solano Prints.” Students put prints/logos on t-shirts, water bottles, hats, and other items to be sold in Sierra Student Store.

Transition Program

Sierra’s Transition Program provides students with the link between classroom instruction and real-world activities. As such, it entails a comprehensive array of services and activities that prepare students for life after high school, including college preparation and career planning. Program components strengthen independent living skills, equip students with real-life abilities (like sewing and grocery shopping), provide vocational training, and simulate employment environments.

All Sierra School of Solano County students have access to this program, run by our full-time Transition Coordinator. The goal is to transfer ideas and concepts students learn in the classroom to practical and applicable settings both on- and off-campus, with a focus on guiding students toward productive and responsible young adulthoods and successful, fulfilling futures.

Students take part in a variety of optional activities to improve their knowledge of the world beyond school, including:

  • Life Skills Training
  • Social Skills Training
  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Instruction
  • Sewing Classes
  • Cooking Classes & Nutrition Training
  • Banking & Budgeting Activities
  • Shopping & Purchasing Activities at School Store
  • Management of & Employment at School Store
  • Vocational Coursework
  • Work Experience/Preparedness
  • Career Interest Surveys, Résumé Writing, Job Coaching & Interviewing Skills
  • Post-Secondary Schooling Counseling & Support

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