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Program Information

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Renaissance STAR Assessments

Catapult Learning employs a comprehensive computer-based adaptive assessment—Renaissance STARthat is used by over 72,000 schools and districts with proven validity and reliability. Across the nation in our schools, assessment data is used to analyze student growth, formulate individualized instruction, evaluate and refine learning tools, and provide professional development and supports for staff.

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Technology in the Classroom

Technology-based learning is a vital supplement to the Sierra School’s core instruction, to familiarize our students with up-to-date hardware and software and to acclimate them to the products and programs so prevalent in their daily environment. Accordingly, we make concerted efforts to stay technologically current in our classrooms, outfitting them with multiple computers, all loaded with the latest instructional programs and teaching aids. We enhance basic computer skills and knowledge with leading-edge advancements, like disability-specific interactive software programs, adaptive technologies and equipment, and iPad-assisted learning.

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