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Race for Autism 2018

This year’s Race for Autism was held at Balboa Park on March 24th. Thousands of people came in support of kids and adults who have been diagnosed with Autism. Sierra Academy has participated in the Race for Autism for several years but this year Sierra was fortunate enough to be able to be a sponsor for the event. A special shout out goes to Andre Kotos and Jake Chapman who came to the event to represent Sierra. Good Job Andre and Jake! The event has been a big success in years past and this year was no different. We hope to see more of our students at next year’s Race for Autism.


Our students spent the month of March focusing on reading during our annual Read-A-Thon. Many students participated and earned homework passes for their efforts. Eleven students read enough minutes to earn a pizza party on April 9th.

We’d like to give special recognition to the top reader in each class who will win a free book of their choice for their hard work!

Derek, Julianne, Josiah, Alex N., Mickey, Meayva, and Sakura

Sea World Trip – April 2018

Blue and gold level students were able to earn a field trip to Sea World. We explored the exhibits including Penguins, Sharks and Dolphins. We even got to go to the touch tanks to pet fish and got to sit in the Splash Zone at the Orca Encounter Show!

Sierra Academy & Springall Academy Resource Night

This winter we have two fundraisers to raise money for future school events. 

Sierra and Springall Academy are hosting a Resource Night. Various community agencies will be present to share useful information for our families and students. We hope you can join us! For questions please email Brandi Eagling at or Lanae Aguilera at

When: February 15th from 6:30-7:30p
Location: 6460 Boulder Lake Ave San Diego, CA 92119

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2017−2018 School Year Calendar

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Science Fair 2017

Ms. Swan’s Junior High class held a Science Fair this November. Students were asked to choose an experiment to research and test. They worked at home and in school on researching their topics and creating their experiments. The students compiled all the information they gathered and created display boards to show their projects. Some students were even able to demonstrate their experiments for visitors of the fair.

Some of the projects and experiments were, Mentos explosion, a potato launcher, walking water, (where the use of paper towels and colored water would “walk” across the paper towels creating a rainbow of colors), and a solar oven. There was also a student that researched The Effects of Earthquakes on Skyscrapers. He had a computer simulation of what the earthquake would do to a building depending on the size of the building and magnitude of the earthquake. Visitors also got to try out the simulation.

Additionally, there were projects on The Effect Caffeine has on our Teeth; Sound Waves; How Plants Grow; Air Pollution; Tornado in a Tube; Catfish and their Bait Preferences; Are Dogs Colorblind; and Gummy Bear Osmosis.

Each student presented their experiment details to visitors and discussed how the process was for them. They began with creating their hypothesis of what they thought would happen. They created their experiment and took notes on the effects. Students then analyzed and reported on their individual results. They also included pictures and other visuals to clearly articulate their projects and speak to guests about their own process and thoughts on their projects. Overall it was a successful and informative Science Fair!

Annual Thanksgiving Feast

Springall Academy staff and students hosted our annual Thanksgiving Feast for their families to celebrate the start of the holiday season! Students from each classroom prepared dishes and help to set up the room for this special day. Turkey’s were donated and prepared by Mission Trails Church and served by the church volunteers. We had a remarkable turn out of families and friends that came to enjoy the day! The feast is always a special time for staff, students and families to enjoy some quality time together and be able to give thanks for the special people we have here at Springall Academy!


Springall Students Visit Mesa College

This month, all of our high school students had the opportunity to attend a presentation and tour at Mesa College!  Students had the opportunity to hear a presentation from the DSPS (Disability Support Programs and Services) department and walk around the campus.  We are excited to continue our visits to the other colleges around San Diego!


2017 Thanksgiving Feast

Please mark your calendars for our school’s thanksgiving feast. Students, staff, and families are welcome to join us for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We look forward to having you join us, at our Thanksgiving luncheon from 12:30–1:45pm.

Fleet Science Center

Elementary and Middle school classes visited the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. Students enjoyed the exhibit Game Masters: The Exhibition showcasing a variety of video games and their designers. Students also had the opportunity to enjoy the exhibit Dream! Design! Build! Brick- itecture, which allowed the students to use blocks and pipes to build structures. Hands on activities are a big hit with the students. Some students even built their own bridges out of a variety of crafting supplies!

Springall Academy’s Workability Program

The Workability program is off to a running start! Students filled out applications and interviewed for different job positions. There are 23 students who currently have on-campus jobs. Students who work on-campus earn school money which they can spend at the Workability store each week. This year we have 9 students who will work off-campus at sites such as, On the Border, Smart & Final, and Snapology. Through their work experience students will learn valuable job skills. Ask your student if they have a job today!

Ms. Swan’s Class Goes Apple Picking In Our Very Own Garden

Over the past week, Ms. Swan’s junior high class has been out working in the garden getting their plots ready for planting. While the class was out there some students noticed the Apples on the apple tree were ready for picking. The class decided as a whole they would make a lesson out of this. They picked apples off the trees, washed them, peeled and cut the apples, and put them in the crock pot with necessary ingredients to make apple pie filling. The students then created leaf labels, and packaged the filling. They also delivered their “Happy Fall” gifts around the campus to staff and the garden leadership team. 

Springall High School Visits Museum of Man!

The High School classrooms were able to explore exhibits involving Human Evolution, viewing fossils and artifacts dating back 4.4 million years. Along with the evolution exhibit the classes were able to view an exhibit about living with animals, how we evolved species into pets and how food has evolved over time and through cultures. The exhibits tied into the lessons the students are completing in the classroom about the human body and immigration. Finally the students were able to explore a special exhibit, Monsters. The exhibit displayed how the tales of monsters were created in different cultures and where the stories originated from. 

8th Grade Promotion Picnic: June 14th, 2017

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Living Coast Discovery Center

On February 28, the students and staff of Springall Academy took a trip to the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista, San Diego. The students had the opportunity to participate in a hands-on learning experience doing a squid dissection! During the dissection, students worked together to discovery and learn about the anatomy of a squid and other invertebrate sea creatures. Then the students participated in a guided tour of the Discovery Center, which included information about the watershed of San Diego and featured several different types of wild birds. After visiting the bird enclosures, the group was led to the shark and ray exhibit, where they got to pet stingrays and view the different sharks native to California.



Holiday Spirit Week: December 19–22

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Springall Academy News: Monthly Events & Updates

Thanksgiving Celebration

On November 18, Springall Academy held our school’s annual Thanksgiving celebration. Students, staff, and families joined together for a traditional Thanksgiving luncheon. Mission Trails Church and Springall families were crucial contributors to this event. We are very appreciative of Mission Trails’ ongoing support: the church members provided 10 cooked turkeys and volunteered in the serving of all students and their families. Weeks prior to the event, the students of Springall participated by donating or bringing a portion of the meals. On the day of the feast, students and teachers cooked a variety of side dishes and decorated the venue. For those who attended Springall’s Annual Thanksgiving Feast, it was great to meet and interact with students and families. We are very appreciative of the food donations and the time we spent together!

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Work Experience Program Launchedspringall

Springall’s Work Experience Program has finally begun! Students in middle and high school filled out job applications, interviewed, and were selected to help out with jobs on campus. Thank you to everyone who participated. We are all very excited to have our on-campus workers get started. Pictured here are two middle school students helping keep our campus beautiful as grounds assistants.



Class of 2016 Graduation

Julie Class of 2016 in her Cap and GownOn June 9, 2016, Springall Academy held its graduation ceremony for the Class of 2016! Julie, one of the graduates, spoke to her classmates and graduation attendees about her struggles before arriving at Springall Academy and her successes during her time at the school. She also offered words of inspiration for her fellow graduates:

“We need to remember that we have a bright future ahead of us. We just need to keep striving for the best and believe that nothing is going to stop us.”

Read Julie’s graduation speech here.


Middle School Newsletter: ESY 2016

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2016 ESY Confirmation Letter

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2016 ESY Calendar

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Elementary Newsletter: May 2016

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Middle School Newsletter: May 2016

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2015-2016 School Year

February 16, 2016

Sea World’s Instructional Program

On Thursday, February 11, Springall’s high school classrooms visited Sea World’s Instructional Program. Students explored wildlife and learned about various ways to participate in water conservation. Additionally, the Sea World program included an educational animal presentation with the orca whales, and students participated in a self-guided viewing of Sea World’s numerous habitats. The Springall staff facilitated learning through a learning guide, and students gained educational value by making real-world connections!