Special Education


Building Confidence and Competence through Personalized Academic and Behavioral Interventions

SESI School4_134Catapult Learning Schools expertly provide customized education services for K–12+ special education students facing significant learning, language, and social-emotional challenges that impede their progress in the traditional classroom.Highly flexible programming and multiple service options offer our school district and educational partners effective and cost-efficient alternative placements that fulfill individualized student needs and goals while overcoming barriers to education.

Generating Positive Outcomes

We aim to comprehensively and holistically educate and socialize students with intensive learning and behavioral issues across all facets of their development so that they can perform at their highest level and realize their fullest potential. In our informed delivery of innovative and targeted approaches to 21st-century learning, we create personalized academic and behavioral interventions that greatly extend our students’ real-world application of acquired skills and abilities and enrich their educational experience.

For all student populations we serve, the end goal is the same: producing positive outcomes that promote scholastic and social growth, heighten self-esteem, and expand opportunities.

Empowering Young Lives

We serve both in-district and out-of-district students with an array of exceptionalities and eligibilities, with or without an IEP:

Creating Effective Partnerships

In tandem with the parents/guardians of our students, we work with all types of educational entities and organizations, among them:

    • Regional, County & City School Districts
    • LEAs, SELPAs & BOCES
    • Charter Schools
    • Juvenile Justice Departments
    • Departments of Education
    • Social Services Agencies & Divisions