Emotional Disabilities (ED)


Guiding Students with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges to Success—in School, at Home, and in the Community

SESI School3_116Students with intensive emotional and behavioral issues require equally intensive personalized instruction, support, and attention. To reach their highest levels of achievement, their learning environment should afford them a strong sense of security, a positive attitude toward learning, and incentives for appropriate behavior. Catapult Learning Schools skillfully and compassionately educates children in just that kind of safe and warm atmosphere, bolstering areas of weakness and fortifying areas of strength and natural aptitude.

School districts and educational organizations refer students with all types of moderate to severe social-emotional disabilities to us when their immediate needs cannot be adequately met in public school settings and/or when their current behaviors or skill levels are deterring success in public school settings.

Outcomes-Driven Education Model

Our signature education model consists of four components working in unison to deliver comprehensive individualized programming proven most effective for students with special needs:

    • Academic Program
    • Behavior Program
    • Support/Related Services
    • Transition Services


ED Program Highlights

  • Fulfillment of all IEP, LRE, and IDEA requirements
  • Schoolwide behavior management system
  • Custom-tailored behavior intervention plans
  • Tracking of behavioral trends
  • Age-appropriate and ability-coordinated academic curriculums aligned with State Standards
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) programs
  • Specially trained and qualified staff
  • Adaptive teaching techniques
  • Supportive and related services (such as individual and small-group counseling)
  • Continual support, patience, and encouragement
  • A host of therapeutic approaches and motivational strategies