Our Service Models


Multiple Service Options

Public schools across the country have chosen to partner with Catapult Learning on the basis of our high-caliber special education and alternative education programs and services that fully accommodate specific school district requirements and fulfill individualized student placement needs. As we holistically educate and socialize students with learning and behavioral issues, we deliver our specialized services through a variety of program model options customized to the field of K–12+ special and alternative education.

Catapult Learning runs and operates stand-alone schools that serve students from single or multiple districts. The facility itself can be a Catapult Learning-owned property or a school assigned to Catapult Learning by a school district; either way, the proprietary methodology we implement on all our campuses fulfills all student IEP requirements, creates customized academic and behavior modification plans, provides vocational and transitional services, and delivers related/ancillary services (e.g., counseling, speech-language therapy, transportation).

Partnership Nonpublic School (NPS)

A Catapult Learning-owned and operated day school located out of district (i.e., not limited to any one school district geography, but instead enrolling students from multiple neighboring school districts). Partnering with the school districts that refer students to one of our stand-alone, independently staffed, whole-school sites, we offer full-day, comprehensive academic and behavioral education for students who need individualized programs, continual attention and support, and intensive interventions.

Private/Public Partnership In-District School (IDS)

A public school that has been assigned by the school district to Catapult Learning for full-day, all-inclusive management and operations. Catapult Learning staff implements our education model and customized programming to comprehensively and expertly meet the requirements of the student body, most of whom are placed with us by the sending school district.

Catapult Learning offers the delivery of special and alternative education services right on the premises of an in-district or out-of-district school, in single or multiple designated classrooms, depending on the number of students. Our In-School Classroom(s) Model is so appealing to our education partners because it offers maximum flexibility while keeping costs down and effectiveness up. With students remaining in their home schools, they are able to participate in daily schoolwide routines and events (e.g., lunch, recess, assemblies, extracurricular activities) as well as benefit from peer interaction with the general school population, and yet they receive the individualized interventions they require to succeed academically, socially, and behaviorally.

Incorporating our In-District Classroom (IDC), Charter School Classroom (CSC), and “School-within-a-School” program options, highlights of this model include:

  • No minimum or maximum number of classrooms
  • Staffing can be done by Catapult Learning, the school, or a hybrid of both
  • Meets LRE (least restrictive environment) requirement
  • Offers specialized reading and math interventions
  • Accommodates schools with budgetary constraints, districts without public options available, and those aiming to keep students in their sending schools
  • Model structure allows full transparency to and collaboration with partnering school

In addition to our established menu of service model options, Catapult Learning offers a variety of highly focused specialty programs that aim to meet the specific needs of our educational partners and fully serve the educational requirements of our student populations. These specialty programs include:

45-Day Interim Alternative Education Placement (IAEP) Program

Very targeted short-term placement option in a Catapult Learning school for students who do not require long-term specialized services but who do require an immediate and intensive academic, behavioral, and/or social intervention program that will expedite their return to a mainstream LRE (least restrictive environment) setting as quickly and effectively as possible.

Off-Campus Suspension Alternative Programming

Full-day schooling for students who have been suspended from public school by the district for a specific amount of days (up to 10, the maximum suspension time allotted). An ideal alternative to at-home suspension, this program option applies to grades 1–12, is available for all student populations, and delivers intensive education services on a per-day basis.

Partial-Day Programs for Specialized Academic Instruction

Partial-day programming for (mostly but not exclusively LD) students for whom outside placement is not needed and/or desired by the district. This option has been designed especially for students who would benefit from the delivery of targeted core-area academic interventions in smaller class sizes. Particularly suited for high-functioning autistic students and those with SLDs (Specific Learning Disabilities).

Functional Life Skills & Social Skills Programs

A stand-alone, customizable life skills curriculum delivered on the premises of a public or charter school in a Catapult Learning-designated classroom(s), consisting of a six-pronged approach to life skills training: (1) coursework; (2) staff support; (3) vocational training; (4) behavioral and social skills; (5) community immersion; and (6) independent living instruction. This option is ideal for individual schools or school districts that want to fulfill IEP calls for independent living skills education in students’ home schools.

Credit Recovery

Programming aimed at young adults who are seeking a nontraditional path to high school graduation. For these overage and/or undercredited students, we provide a blended learning environment that affords them an accelerated learning process to earn graduation credits and meet graduation requirements.

The Reading Institute

A week-long intensive training program developed by Catapult Learning’s foremost expert in learning disabilities and intended for educators who teach students with dyslexia and other SLDs (Specific Learning Disabilities). Employing hands-on practice sessions and demonstrations, this program: furthers the knowledge of reading teachers about research-based best practices; imparts the importance of individual assessments for developing individualized learning plans; familiarizes participants with the most up-to-date assessment techniques, intervention resources, and teaching materials; and equips teachers with the most effective instructional strategies to support struggling readers. Areas of concentration include phonemic awareness and phonics, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and writing.

An integral part of Catapult Learning’s mission is to share our expertise with fellow educators of students with special needs so that, together, we can help improve their future prospects. As such, we offer a wide range of professional development opportunities, training options, and consulting specialty areas that equip our clients with tools and techniques that are most effective with difficult-to-educate populations and that enhance the overall school experience for faculties and students alike.

Catapult Learning creates customized alternative education/special education training packages—for either individuals or groups—consisting of any or all of the following targeted solutions, delivered on a one-time, multi-session, or ongoing basis:

Program Assessment & Evaluation

On-site analysis of a client’s special education program in its entirety, including program components, leadership structure, school infrastructure, curriculum review, classroom setup and audits, identification of staffing needs, and instruction recommendations.

Professional Development & Staff Training

Themed training sessions for small or large groups of special education teachers, general educators, and related support staff that focus on such areas as leadership development, program development, group dynamics, essential tools instruction, advancements in special and alternative education practices, and the most effective methodologies and modalities for working with challenging populations of students. Trainings can be tailored to topics/themes of the client’s own choosing. Staff recruitment strategies also offered.

On-Site Best Practices Implementation

Conveyance of identified best practices in special and alternative education, at both the macro and the micro level, complemented by strategies and steps to institute and replicate these practices at clients’ own sites. Areas of concentration include optimal classroom design, flexible curriculums, adaptive teaching approaches, intervention techniques, behavioral programming, and delivery of transition and support services.

Behavior Modification Techniques

Training in behavior management programming that incorporates various means of creating and maintaining structure, safety, and consistency in special needs environments, including rewards-based systems of behavior management, incentives programs, positive reinforcement techniques, methods to advance desired behaviors and eliminate undesirable behaviors, and teaching students how to self-monitor/manage their emotions and make positive behavioral choices.

Creation, Methodology & Structure of a Student-Centered Culture

Consulting for school administrators and staffs on how to reproduce and sustain Catapult Learning’s hallmark “positive peer culture”—a dynamic, multidimensional system of norms and expectations founded on peer mentoring, role modeling, and positive redirection by peers. Key elements of this culture include daily assemblies, guided group interaction (GGI), student ownership and accountability, and numerous opportunities for student leadership.

School Turnaround/Transformation

Revitalizing and reenergizing a challenged campus from the inside out, starting with the establishment of a positive school culture; continuing with daily practices and procedures to instill order, structure, and respect and to improve staff and student morale; and branching out into all aspects of a school’s operations and performance, including student engagement, campus cleanup, and facility enhancement.

Oversight & Management

Full or partial supervision of select day-to-day operations of a special education site by a Catapult Learning staff member—with as much or as little managerial involvement as desired—to ensure quality assurance, deliver staff support, launch new program components, and coordinate at-home services. Gradual phase-out system available once program oversight has been modeled.