Springall Academy – Extracurricular Activities

Springall Academy Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are what make Springall extra-special! Available opportunities change based on the interests and needs of the students, but here are a few examples from the 2013–2014 school year.


One day at the beginning of the school year, Springall holds our annual Meet & Greet Day. This is an opportunity for caregivers, families, and friends of students to tour the campus and see the classrooms. Springall staff is available to answer questions, and we usually host a short presentation to introduce the program as well.


In December, right before winter break, we hold our Holiday Store. This store is run by our older students who are working in the C2C Program. Students collect gently used or new items, complete an inventory, and put the items up for sale. Other students are invited to do their holiday shopping and purchase items for someone special. All proceeds go towards school field trips and special activities.


As an end-of-year celebration, students in grades 9 through 12 are invited to attend our annual prom (usually scheduled for the night before the graduation ceremony). Because the prom is held off-site, students must buy tickets to attend, and all the proceeds are applied toward costs for location rental, food, and music.


Senior Week consists of four days of special activities just for our student graduates. Students vote on which activities to have each day. The Class of 2014 decided to have a Senior Picnic on the beach, Movie Day, and a trip to Disneyland! These activities can get expensive, so the senior class held a car wash and snack sales throughout the year. They successfully raised all the money needed for these special events.


On Graduation Day, students completing their high school program participate in graduation ceremonies. Families and friends are invited to celebrate this special occasion. Caps, gowns, and tassels are provided by Springall Academy. Participating in the ceremony is very special to all of us.


In 1984, Ernie Wright, a Chargers offensive tackle in the 1960s, started transforming a par-3 golf course at Colina Park, at 52nd and El Cajon Boulevard. His dream was for disadvantaged kids to learn about respect and integrity through the game of golf. He wanted to help mold young people who would have good moral values, appreciate education, and go on to become productive members of society. He wanted to make a bigger impact on society than his football career, and so began the birth of the Pro Kids Golf Academy. Mr. Wright’s dream has now become a reality and is being reproduced across the country. 

Students on Levels 3, 4, and 5 are invited to participate in the program via one-hour lessons with our own professional golf instructor. Once the students take six lessons, they are eligible to take a written test and an on-course test. Upon passing both tests, they receive their own ID card, which gives them free access to the course seven days a week. There is a computer room as well as a small library and snack bar at the facility.
 Caregivers are encouraged to check out the Pro Kids Golf Academy. It is a shining example of a dream come true and one that is having such a positive effect on society. Springall Academy is now benefiting from Mr. Wright’s contributions.


Springall is one of the founding schools that participate in the CAPSES (California Association of Private Special Education Schools) Sports League. We are proud to have a flag football team, a basketball team, and a softball team that compete against the other teams in our league. Many of our students are outstanding athletes, so joining a team is a wonderful way to showcase their talents.


Girls’ Group is about the fun, friendship, and empowerment that result when girls band together. This group is so enjoyable for our girls that they don’t realize it’s also a learning experience. Group pursuits include: participation in the Big Sister/Little Sister program, peer tutoring, cheering on our teams at sporting events, and bi-monthly meetings. This is an incredible platform that allows girls to connect to female staff and form lifelong relationships with other girls in the school.


Springall is the home of the San Carlos Community Garden. This partnership allows us the opportunity for an outdoor classroom, rare-fruit tree orchard, herb garden, quiet work area, composting bins, pumpkin patch, and everything else you can imagine a garden has to offer. Each classroom has their own garden bed to grow vegetables and spices. The crops are used in cooking lessons in our student kitchen. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you might enjoy working in our community garden!


If you would like volunteer to help make any of these events or clubs extra-special for our students, please contact our front office. The staff will direct you to the appropriate person. Thank you for your support!