Win a Set of STEM Take-Home Activities for Your Students

November 8th is National STEM Day where we celebrate science, technology, engineering, and math learning and exploration. STEM learning encourages problem solving and develops critical thinking skills. With growth in STEM occupations set to outpace non-STEM jobs, fostering a strong interest in STEM among your students unlocks a future of possibilities.

Enter our Sweepstakes for your chance to win 20 STEM Activity Bags for your students. Each bag is valued at $50 and provides engaging, hands-on activities for your students designed to encourage family involvement.

Actual items may vary from those shown in sample image.

The STEM Day Sweepstakes is complete. Stay tuned for the winner to be announced!

3 Tips for Effective STEM Instruction

One of our professional learning coaches in New York City shares three tips for incorporating  STEM learning in classroom activities. These activities can be incorporated into classrooms of any academic discipline, developing critical thinking and problem solving skills while encouraging inquiry-based learning.