Upcoming Webinar

Tennesse Summer Journey

Thursday, February 11, 2021 | 2–3pm CST / 3–4pm EST

Summer is fast approaching. Given the challenges and opportunities districts are facing with the newly adopted summer school bill (SB 7002), now is the time to review your comprehensive program options.

Catapult Learning’s Summer Journey program is the solution for both summer and COVID learning loss—and you can use your stimulus and state funding to cover the cost.

Catapult Learning’s Summer Journey

During our webinar, you will learn more about how this program can support your district.

What Is Summer Journey?

  • A flexible K-12 summer learning program that includes reading and math intervention, social-emotional learning and mindfulness, family counseling and support, and hands-on enrichment such as STEM and robotics.
  • A research-based program that addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of your students and their families, as well as the scheduling and financial needs of schools and districts.
  • An experience designed to reduce learning loss (as a result of COVID/summer slide) will offer engaging and fun learning opportunities that build student confidence and increase motivation linked to academic success.

Why Summer Journey?

  • Our summer program is turnkey, ready to go from day one—and it’s customizable to meet your school’s needs, whether you’re planning for in-person learning, virtual learning at home, or a combination of both.
  • Catapult does the heavy lifting by:
    • Full program management (including student registration/enrollment, supplemental teacher recruiting and hiring, and ongoing training for all participating teachers.
    • Setting up in-person or virtual learning technology.
    • Providing all necessary supplies and services.

Download the Summer Journey Brochure