Technology in the Classroom

Catapult Schools Web-Based Products


1.  i-Ready Reading and Math Instruction:
K–8th: i-Ready provides a valid and reliable growth measure and individualized instruction in a single online product. It provides downloadable lessons for individual and small-group instruction as well as online student instruction and practice. Students are automatically placed into student instruction customized to their placement level based on assessment results.

2.  Odysseyware:
3rd–12th: Odysseyware provides complete online curriculum in core, elective, and CTE courses. Odysseyware is ideal as a stand-alone curriculum for blended learning, credit recovery, and special education.

3.  PEG Writing:
3rd–12th: PEG Writing is a writing program designed to function so that students can practice writing skills across the curriculum. Features of PEG Writing include: peer review, multi-category scoring, text evidence and content scoring, graphic organizers, student portfolios and progress tracking, tutorials and interactive lessons, reports, and the ability for teachers to customize instruction.

4. IXL (Math, English, SS, Science):
Pre-K–12th for English and Math and 2nd–5th for SS and Science: IXL offers instruction for students providing visual representation of challenging topics, interactive activities and games, and the chance to enjoy learning in a game-like environment that will improve students’ performance. IXL provides easy-to-read reports and email updates regarding student progress.

5.  Lexia Reading-
Pre-K–12th: Lexia provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning on foundational reading skills for students of all abilities and delivers norm-referenced performance data as well as assessment that is embedded in the student’s daily learning experience. The program accelerates reading skill development and provides teachers with resources to differentiate instruction.

6.  Newsela:
3rd–12th: Newsela publishes high-interest news articles daily at five levels of complexity using Newsela’s proprietary, rapid-text-leveling process. Common Core–aligned quizzes are attached to articles to give teachers information about student comprehension. Newsela develops nonfiction fluency and critical-thinking skills that are needed to master the Common Core standards for informational text.

7.  Mystery Science:
2nd–5th: This program provides a complete science curriculum for students. The digital resources for each lesson are divided into three categories: a science lesson told in story form, opportunities for inquiry and discovery, and hands-on activities.

8.  Brain Pop:
K–12th: Brain Pop provides highly engaging, animated content that can be used at all grade levels in the subject areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Health, and Arts & Technology. Brain Pop provides teachers with a wealth of off-line resources.

9.  i-Ready Assessments:
i-Ready Diagnostic adapts to each student, providing easier or harder questions depending on students’ answers to previous questions. By adapting across grades K–12, i-Ready Diagnostic helps teachers understand the root causes behind student challenges. Because the Diagnostic adapts across grades K–12, i-Ready provides a valid and reliable growth measure from year to year.