Webinar Series: Impact From A Distance

Mitigating Learning Loss During the Coronavirus

Initial research indicates that learning loss due to school closures will have a significant negative academic impact on our students. In addition, students are facing unprecedented trauma associated with the many stresses associated with the coronavirus pandemic. The combination of learning loss and emotional trauma is undoubtedly causing setbacks in our students’ academic development. Educators can take immediate steps to mitigate the negative impacts associated with school closures and trauma. In addition, it’s important to have a plan for summer and for returning to schools in the fall that includes academic and social-emotional supports to help our students and their families overcome these challenges.

In this virtual session, participants will:

  • Learn about the potential impact that school closures will have on students
  • Explore what districts can be doing right now to mitigate learning loss and emotional trauma
  • Think about how to set up virtual summer programming to bolster students’ foundational skills
  • Brainstorm ideas for how to set kids up for success when they return to school in the fall (virtually or in person)

Program Spotlight

Virtual Summer Journey

Turnkey, Flexible Summer Program
Our Virtual Summer Journey programs offer robust educational opportunities and engaging activities that allow students to learn throughout the summer while also having fun. Developed with flexibility in mind, our program can be tailored to accommodate any level of access to technology, fit individual family schedules, and work within your school/district scheduling and financial needs.

  • Customizable: program length and duration can be customized to your school/district needs.
  • Flexible: multiple models designed to accommodate varying access to technology and work with any device—landline or cell phone, tablet, or computer—so K-12 students in any situation can participate and grow their knowledge at home during the summer months.
  • Turnkey: we provide the teachers, materials, training, and online classroom (where applicable).

Comprehensive curriculum with instruction optimized for virtual learning
Our Virtual Summer Journey program is designed to sharpen skills and reduce summer learning loss from home. Similar to our traditional, onsite programs, virtual summer programs incorporate elements to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of students and families.

  • Literacy: Improve students’ skills across the Big 5—phonics, phonological awareness, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary—while also developing students grade level skills.
  • Math: Help struggling learners build confidence and improve their math skills—from basic concepts and operations to problem solving, data collection, pre-algebra, and algebra.
  • Enrichment: Engage students in project-based learning to expand critical thinking skills with STEM-based activities and Robotics Virtual Academy.
  • Family Support: Ensure families are supported through various weekly touchpoints, including counseling, family workshops, and 1:1 teacher check-ins.

Upcoming Webinar Series

Impact From A Distance: Academic, Behavioral and Social-Emotional Strategies for Students & Educators during COVID-19