Leadership and Instructional Coaching + Support = School Improvement

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Underperforming schools often need a fresh perspective, leadership support, and coaching to turn themselves around. This can involve school turnaround teams, leadership coaching, and targeted instructional support designed to align with the school’s vision for improvement.

Post-COVID, 87% of schools say the pandemic has negatively impacted their students’ socio-emotional development.1 When you factor in the many other challenges schools already face, there are quite a few reasons why school performance may suffer. When it does, these underperforming schools often need a fresh perspective, leadership support, and coaching to turn themselves around. Seven schools within the Pittsburgh Public School District found themselves in that situation when they engaged Catapult Learning in September 2021.

After discussion and collaboration to create a tailored plan for each school, we began providing leadership coaching and school improvement services to all seven priority schools in the district. The leadership aspect involved a leadership coach leading a monthly meeting with each school turnaround team throughout the school year. During these meetings, the leadership coach engaged school leaders in a continuous cycle of improvement by reviewing school improvement plan milestones and adjusting as needed. Additionally, our leadership coach ensures that each school meets state requirements related to monitoring improvement plans.

For school improvement efforts, Catapult Learning content area specialists were assigned to support each school’s key priorities, while additional instructional coaching support was provided in math, ELA, writing, and school culture. The leadership coach collaborated with school leaders to align this additional coaching to each school’s vision for school improvement.

Your educators support all student needs. We support your educators, all the way.

Each school and district have their own unique needs. That is why a partnership with Catapult Learning includes tailored solutions that fit the needs of educators today while growing and evolving to meet new professional learning challenges and goals.

1 https://nces.ed.gov/whatsnew/press_releases/07_06_2022.asp

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At Catapult Learning, we know that your educators support all student needs. That’s why we support your educators, all the way. To help educators address a range of academic challenges—including student behavioral issues, classroom management gaps, and leadership development—we offer a comprehensive training program backed by decades of experience as educators and coaches.