The Summer Journey Difference

There has never been a one-size-fits-all approach to summer learning and flexibility is needed now more than ever. Our K12 Summer Journey program offers a comprehensive suite of programs that can be tailored to the unique needs of your schools and addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of your students and their families. This turnkey program offers robust educational opportunities and engaging activities – in-person, virtually, or both – and is designed to prepare students for the fall….all while having fun!

Summer Journey offers:

  • Social-Emotional Learning & Mindfulness: Expand students’ 21st century skills in critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and empathy—all necessary for success in college, careers, and beyond.

  • Family Support: Ensure families are supported through various weekly touchpoints, including counseling, family workshops, and 1:1 teacher check-ins.

  • Literacy Intervention: Improve students’ skills across the Big 5—phonics, phonological awareness, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary—while also developing students’ grade-level skills.

  • Math Intervention: Help struggling learners build confidence and improve their math skills—from basic concepts and operations to problem-solving, data collection, pre-algebra, and algebra.

  • Enrichment: Engage students in project-based learning to expand critical thinking skills with STEM-based activities and Robotics.

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Parent Approval

96% of parents are satisfied with Catapult’s Virtual Summer Journey Program (including 100% satisfaction in many programs)

Programs with STEM Curriculum
District Partners

The catapult summer program was the best virtual program my daughter had….it far exceeded my expectations and the teachers were very engaging with the students. I wish my daughter’s distance learning school year was structured the way the catapult program was.


A lot of times, people have regression during the summer, but we’re actually seeing the opposite. We’re seeing progression.


Overall a great program and addition to [our school] curriculum. Would love for it to continue every summer.


Why Schools Choose Summer Journey

  • Engaging: Students and their families love Summer Journey

  • Flexible: Host the program on-site or operate from a distance using a virtual setup.

  • Free for Families: Students can participate in Summer Journey at no cost to their families.

  • Effective: Students’ average scores increased by 9.3 points in reading and 8.5 points in math.*

  • Customizable: Create the program you want based on your school’s needs.

  • Turnkey: All programs include teacher training (use your own staff or use our locally hired teachers), teacher lesson manuals, curriculum, student resource books, and virtual classrooms where applicable.

*From a comparison of pretest and posttest iReady scores in a large, urban market during the summer of 2018.

Virtual Summer Journey

Catapult Learning provides everything needed to run an engaging virtual summer program – the teachers (yours or ours), training, materials, and online classrooms. Our program focuses on literacy and math instruction, but doesn’t end there. Social emotional learning, family support programs and one-on-one teacher check-ins provide additional support to optimize student success. To ensure students have fun and remain active participants, engaging enrichment activities are woven throughout the program and include:

  • STEM-based learning and virtual field trips to locations including zoos, museums, and cultural attractions (K-2)
  • Learning how to code and program a virtual robot (Grades 3+)
  • Social-emotional learning activities, such as yoga stretches and deep breathing exercises, help students incorporate mindfulness practices while providing brain breaks (Grades 3+)
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STEM Summer Programs

Provide a hands-on, exploratory learning experience to your students. Our STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) summer programs develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills and draw connections to real-world application.

  • Based on the Engineering Design Process, developing student critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Combines hands-on, project-based learning with a collaborative and engaging curriculum
  • Develops students’ 21st century skills they’ll use across academic disciplines and in real-world application
  • Can be run as stand-alone programs or in tandem with a district-run summer program

Program Overview

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