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Catapult Learning believes that all students and educators deserve access to mental health and wellness solutions. Providing these services in school – where students spend the majority of their day – ensures they receive the support they need, thereby removing transportation, appointment backlogs, work conflicts, and other common out-of-school obstacles.

Connecting education and healthcare services leads to more students receiving needed supports by reducing communication silos and duplication of effort, and moving from a compliance-based approach to an outcomes- or child-centered approach to services.

A child-centered approach allows education and healthcare communities to work in concert, eliminating silos that drive unnecessary and duplicative service expenses. Coordination of care leads to an acceleration of improved outcomes and measurable social impact.

Catapult Learning is committed to being the leading provider of easily accessible mental health and resiliency solutions for public and private school districts across the country. We offer a full-suite of outcome-based solutions at all three MTSS Tiers of support that improve the wellbeing and success of the entire school community – including students, families, and educators.

Why School-Based Mental Health Services?

  • Silos between education and healthcare services prevent many students from receiving necessary support.
  • Too often, a compliance-based approach is favored over an outcomes- or child-focused approach.
  • A child-centered approach encourages collaboration between education and healthcare communities, reducing unnecessary and redundant expenses while accelerating improved outcomes and measurable social impact.

What We Deliver:

Services that meet the differentiated needs of students and communities

Infrastructure capacity to scale services while maintaining high quality

Strategies to maximize education + healthcare funding that create affordable and sustainable programs

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