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Increased calm, resilience and self-regulation for families

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A Parent is a Child’s Greatest Teacher

Our family engagement program helps busy families learn valuable skills to increase calm, improve behaviors, and establish healthy communication so they can decrease stress and thrive. Each portable and effective lesson doubles its impact by teaching vital resilience concepts to both parent and child – together at home. We provide hands-on, user-friendly activities that foster positive discussions, habits, and relationships. These activities teach vital resilience and coping skills, ensuring that both parents and children benefit from each lesson.

Research shows that strong family engagement is central in promoting children’s healthy development and wellness, including social-emotional and behavioral development, preparing children for school, seamlessly transitioning them to kindergarten, and supporting academic achievement in elementary school and beyond.

EmpowerU is the skilled partner schools need to support families in this work in an effective and affordable way. Together, we will create equitable care for student success and support the families who need it most.

Accessible and Flexible for Busy Families

Family activity books are full of discussion prompts, activities and links to digital calming tools and videos that are scannable from any phone, making the program accessible and equitable for all. Each 10-minute family activity teaches strategies proven to increase coping and self-regulation. For increased support, families can access additional content online with more activities and skills that extend learning.

Age-Differentiated Versions


For families with young children, Thriving Together helps caregivers and their children build awareness, good decision making and self-regulation skills.


For families with teenagers, Thriving Together teaches skills to help conquer anxiety, self-doubt and low motivation. Together, families learn to set and achieve goals, foster healthier habits, and strengthen family bonds.

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With Thriving Together, we’re not just a program; we’re a partner dedicated to supporting schools and families alike. Our approach is effective and affordable, ensuring equitable care for student success. Together, we’ll empower families and create a brighter future for all. Let’s partner today.

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