About Us: Catapult Missouri Summer Journey

Catapult Missouri is dedicated to improving academic performance for all students, especially struggling learners.

Our Company

Catapult Missouri, a division of Catapult Learning, Inc., is dedicated to improving academic performance for all students, especially those struggling learners. The company’s team of educators works to achieve sustained academic gains through research-based programs that include intervention, assessment, and professional development solutions.

Our Summer Journey program was developed for Missouri students and has been used by Missouri school districts since 2000. In 2021, over 30,500 students from more than 50 school districts participated in the program.

Build for Missouri Students

Summer Journey improves students’ foundational skills and expands their knowledge and problem-solving abilities, all while reducing summer learning loss. A combination of core academic courses and enriching Journey classes provides a full-day, project-based learning curriculum that builds students’ communication and social skills, enhances leadership skills, and encourages students’ creativity.

Program Flexibility & Turnkey Implementation for Districts

State-funded and free for students, Summer Journey can be customized to fit the needs of a district’s summer school program. The turnkey program provides:

  • Up to 168 hours of summer programming
  • More than 120 course options
  • Lessons that engage students in hands-on cooperative activities
  • Transportation that is provided to and from summer school program

With its scripted courses and most materials provided for each course, Summer Journey eases the stress and anxiety of planning and implementing a summer school program. Teachers receive a teacher kit containing basic classroom supplies, and each course kit includes most of the materials necessary to implement the lessons plus a teacher manual that gives specific, scripted instructions on how to conduct each lesson. At the end of the summer program, teachers keep their course supplies to use during the regular school year.

Peace of Mind & Satisfaction for Parents

With a full-day curriculum, student transportation provided to and from school, and no cost, Summer Journey eases parents’ financial and scheduling concerns and provides reassurance that their children are participating in a safe, academically enriching and engaging summer program. In 2018, 97% of Missouri parents surveyed indicated they were satisfied with Summer Journey.

“My children look forward to this program yearly and we are so thankful we have it. Thank you for providing it in our area.”

- Lewis County Parent

“All three of my kids have gone every year and every year they really enjoy it! The incentives are nice but not the reason they go and ultimately are not on the list of reasons why they had such a good time.”

- Northwest Parent

“My child is really enjoying Summer School, every day he comes home and tells me something new he’s done. He really enjoyed when they made robots the first week of Summer School.”

- Confluence Academies Parent

“We love the summer school program! Our kids are always excited to go and learn about new things they don’t typically learn through the school year.”

- NorthCallaway Parent

Need Help?

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At a Glance

  • Over 24,000 Students
  • 40+ School Districts

  • State Funded

  • 120+ Course Options

  • Up to 168 Program Hours

  • Transportation Provided

  • Reading & Math Intervention Available

  • Blended Learning Available