Summer Enrollment Begins Spring 2024

Registration for opens Summer 2024 is now open! Select your district from the dropdown menu below, download materials, and return them once completed to your district. Some districts offer online enrollment only.

It’s CONVENIENT for you!

• Turnkey Program

120+ Engaging Courses

• Comprehensive Teacher Training

It’s FREE for families!

• FREE For Families to Register

• Attendance Incentives

• Transportation Provided

It’s FUN for kids!

Enrichment Courses

• Hands-On STEAM Projects

•Reduces Summer Learning Loss

At a Glance

  • Over 24,000 Students
  • 40+ School Districts

  • State Funded

  • 120+ Course Options

  • Up to 168 Program Hours

  • Transportation Provided

  • Reading & Math Intervention Available

  • Blended Learning Available

Need Help?

Want to learn more about our program for your district? Looking for enrollment support? Issues with your incentives? Contact Us via the Form below