Summer Journey – For Schools

Summer Journey is designed to enrich students’ learning with a hands-on, project based curriculum that promotes engagement and builds self-confidence.

Students love the fun-filled enrichment activities, parents enjoy the full-day program in a safe environment, and district administrations appreciate the learning that happens over the summer. Summer Journey is a WIN for all!

In 2021, Summer Journey students made 8% gains in math and 13% gains in reading.

Engage Students with Hands-on Learning

Summer Journey is designed to enrich children’s learning with a hands-on, project based curriculum that promotes engagement and builds self-confidence.

Keep Academic Skills Sharp During Summer Break

Children like the fun-filled enrichment activities, parents enjoy the full-day program in a safe environment, and teachers, principals, and district administrators appreciate the learning that happens over the summer. It’s a win for all!

It’s CONVENIENT for you!

• Turnkey Program

• 120+ Engaging Courses

• Comprehensive Teacher Training

It’s FREE for families!

• FREE For Families to Register

• Attendance Incentives

• Transportation Provided

It’s FUN for kids!

• Enrichment Courses

• Hands-On STEAM Projects

•Reduces Summer Learning Loss

Core Academics

The Academic Core of Summer Journey

While Summer Journey is designed to up to 168 hours of full-day summer programming, it can be customized to fit a district’s academic and scheduling needs. Each day of our summer school academics emphasizes cooperative, project-based learning, cultivating in a discovery process in which students pursue their curiosity, think critically, and take initiative in their learning.

New & Revised Core Curriculum Offerings

In 2015, Summer Journey’s curriculum team began a revision of the program’s core academic courses. The goal of these revisions is to ensure that the content in our academic courses is both current and relevant to today’s students. This year, the team is updating 12 courses, and by summer 2020, all of the core academic curriculum will be new, revised, and rewritten to align to the Missouri Learning Standards and provide more hands-on learning experiences for all students.

Core Curriculum: Grade-by-Grade

Students entering Kindergarten through grade 8 engage in an academically challenging curriculum during the morning session of Summer Journey.

Students getting ready for Kindergarten participate in a theme-based integrated curriculum of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. For those students entering first grade, the Early Learner Language Arts and Investigations programs include interactive lessons focusing on the reading and writing process and curriculum that combines math and science. For students entering grades 2–8, core academic courses are spread over four morning periods and include daily reading, language arts, math, and science or social studies courses. These core courses—developed for Primary, Elementary, and Intermediate levels—are aligned to Missouri Learning Standards and focus on student engagement through interactive, project-based lessons. Instructional Intervention for Struggling Learners.

For high school students, Summer Journey offers high school courses that can be a stand-alone program, or pair with local courses. This unique combination provides a quality summer school without comprising local requirements and preferences.

Instructional Intervention Options

At no extra charge, districts can select math and reading intervention courses to ensure that struggling learners close the achievement gap while increasing students’ self-confidence and motivation to learn. Districts can choose courses designed to support their struggling learners with systematic and explicit instruction that’s tailored to the unique needs of each student. Built on sound research and instructional best practices, our Achieve™ Intervention programs provide students with targeted instruction that reinforces essential math and reading skills while increasing students’ self-confidence and motivation to learn.

Enrichment Activities

Summer Journey’s afternoon curriculum includes hands-on exploratory Journey courses with embedded academics. These Journey courses enable students to actively engage with topics in the fields of Engineering & Construction, Sports & Teamwork, Arts & Crafts, Theatre & Performance, and more. Most Journey courses include a teacher manual and scripted lessons.

In 2016, Summer Journey began offering opportunities for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education as part of its afternoon Journey curriculum. Sample STEM courses include Sports Science, Scratch Camp, Flight & Aerodynamics, to name a few.

For grades 1–8, districts choose a total of six Journey courses, three each for the first and last 12 days of the session. Kindergarten selects one “Just for Fun” curriculum.


Evaluate: Academic Growth Begins with Informed Instruction

Evaluate™, a next-generation formative assessment used by more than 20 Missouri districts, is a valuable and proven tool that builds the foundation for continual academic improvement.

Through a combination of web-based formative reading and math assessments and superior reporting and analysis tools, Evaluate engages students in their own learning, guides teachers as they target instruction, and allows administrators to identify instructional areas in need of additional resources and support.

Cutting-edge features that set Evaluate apart include:

  • Best-of-breed technology-enhanced question types that take students beyond multiple choice, challenging them with more rigor and authenticity
  • Frequent, fast, highly informative reporting that yields immediate academic impact
  • A reporting platform that provides more than just scores and diagnostics; it also includes embedded teacher resources provide teachers with concrete support for teaching challenging concept

“Evaluate helps us focus on specific skills to plan instructions and meet the individual needs of our students. We are able to monitor our students’ progress monthly, which allows us to be more proactive with our instruction and interventions.” – Administrator, Hazelwood SD, MO

Student Recruitment Made Easy

Student recruitment materials are provided to districts to maximize student attendance. Principals receive an engaging video to show to students either during a school assembly or individual classrooms. In addition, an enrollment package is sent home with students that explains the program, identifies times and dates, describes the courses, and includes an enrollment form.

To increase student attendance, districts may also extend the program to nonpublic schools within their districts and to smaller surrounding districts that may not have their own summer program. This becomes a win-win for students and for the district.

Student Incentives

With over 34,000 students participating in the Summer Journey program, the Catapult Missouri incentives make student recruitment easier for districts. Daily prizes awarded to students on the basis of good attitude and achievement as determined by each site. End of program student prizes are dependent on attendance.

  • Up to $100 shopping card for perfect attendance (0 hours missed)
  • Up to $75 shopping card for up to 7 hours missed (equivalent of missing 1 day)
  • Up to $50 shopping card for up to 14 hours missed (equivalent of missing 2 days)

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At a Glance

  • Over 24,000 Students
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  • 120+ Course Options

  • Up to 168 Program Hours

  • Transportation Provided

  • Reading & Math Intervention Available

  • Blended Learning Available