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Welcome to the Parent Support Center for the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York.

Full of free helpful tools, insightful resources, and expert guidance, the Parent Support Center was created with you in mind to help support your child’s education and your family’s well-being. The Archdiocese of New York and Catapult Learning are continuously working to offer innovative ways to learn, teach, and share and we’ll be adding new resources like parent workshops, blogs, webinars, and more.

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About Extended Learning

Extended learning programs are FREE and proven to help bolster students’ academic foundations. 

In partnership with Catapult Learning, the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York offers a variety of programs at no cost to you. Enrolled students engage in small group, in-person or virtual, educational activities to supplement their core learning that begins in our classrooms. Sessions are designed to best suit the individual learner; a holistic experience for students composed of targeted math and literacy instruction activities encouraging personal growth in a collaborative classroom.

Program Components

Core Academics

Students will develop the tools and confidence to grapple with grade-level math and literacy skills using familiar and new strategies.

Social-Emotional Support

Teachers will lead students through activities that identify and foster healthy habits.

Parent Engagement

All parents of students enrolled in Extended Learning Program are invited to attend free virtual parent workshops. These focus on timely and relevant topics like Digital Citizenship and Parenting Through Adversity.

Keys To Success

With fewer than ten students in a group, Extended Learning Program teachers are able to provide individualized attention and students can really collaborate with peers.

The scope and sequence for math and literacy is designed to work in sync with classroom instruction.

Programs are funded by federal, grant, and donor dollars, making these great resources available to you and your student free of charge!

Fall Registration Opens August 2022!

Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops: Spring 2022 (COMING SOON)

Our seasonal Parent Workshop Series provide a unique opportunity for enhanced community, connection, and support. Parents are invited to attend sessions that focus on social-emotional learning, supporting academic growth, and preparing for transitions. These sessions are facilitated by content specialists and mental health professionals.

Workshop Sign Up Coming Soon

Resources & Tools

Family Resources

Informational guides, videos, and webinars about topics important to childhood development, learning and instruction, and parenting through adversity.

Witnessing a traumatic event that threatens the life or security of a loved one can be traumatic. Like natural disasters, pandemics can be a source of extreme stress and trauma for children and adults alike. In fact, it is likely that the stress adults feel as a result of this coronavirus crisis will be mirrored in their children. So, how do we begin to recognize trauma not only in ourselves, but also in our children and put in place practices and routines to overcome it? To answer this question, it is important to understand how stress and trauma show up across different age-groups.

Download our brochure here for more insights.

Click here to view our video to better understand how to overcome stress and trauma as a family.

Everyone faces stressful times, including children. Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. How you cope with the stress and anxiety, however, can make you, your child, your family, and your community stronger. Consult our guide on how you can become aware of signs of anxiety as well as methods to support your child through management.

Download the guide by clicking this link.

Watch a webinar covering the topic of anxiety here.

Children look to their parents for guidance, so modeling the right ways to cope with and manage stress is important. Part of that is understanding and implementing the best ways to deal with stress, as well as talking with kids about the wrong ways to deal with it, such as drug use and underage drinking. Our Coping and Managing Stress resource offers helpful advice and information, including the CDC’s recommendations and tips for coping with stress as well as how to set boundaries for your children.

Download the brochure by clicking here. 

Our digital citizenship parent resource page is full of useful information and insights, including the nine ways to be a good digital citizen, free lessons, ways to protect your kids online, and a look at the problems surrounding cyber-bullying. As a parent, it’s critical to know how to teach your child—and yourself—to be a good digital citizen. This page has all the answers you need.

Visit the website here.

Check out our pre-recorded webinar that provides information about bullying and strategies to combat it.

Click here to watch. 

Helpful resources to further support parents, at home or on-the-go, throughout the school year and beyond.

With webinars and pre-recorded workshops, links to relevant partner resources, and informational pieces developed for specific topics, this library provides the guidance for parents to help support student learning.

Questions? Please send an email to the Parent Support Center

Summer Learning Experience

The Summer Learning Experience program, offered for FREE to all ADNY students, is a robust offering of fun, stimulating, and educational opportunities aimed at keeping children engaged through July and August. Over the summer, many students lose a percentage of their reading and math skills that can put them behind when starting school in the fall. This program was designed specifically to stop this learning loss and in many cases has resulted in increased reading and math scores shown in a private research university study. We encourage our Catholic School families to consider registering your children for this upcoming summer to take part in this growing success!

Registration Opens March 2023!

What Parents Say

My daughter attended the STEM Program this summer. I have to say after my daughter attended I saw a remarkable change in her. She truly enjoyed this program and now has a love of science. She is more inclined to want to sit down and read, do math, and study her sight words—something she did not want to do before…. I know that these early years are the foundation of a child, and this is where they get the tools to succeed in life
Parent, 2021 Summer Learning Experience
The summer program was great experience for children, to continue virtual interaction, and see how other teachers work… [This] virtual program had teachers from all schools interacting with their true personalities and it came through, the children all were happy and as far as my child, it was something he…looked forward to it. It was not lengthy so it did allow for other activities to enjoy the summer and gave structure to the day for him. Truly he felt great talking with teachers and getting some attention from them made him proud to be a part of group.
Parent, 2021 Summer Learning Experience
The Catapult program is a great way to keep your child academically engaged while also having fun. We loved the program and will definitely return next year!
Parent, 2021 Summer Learning Experience
Summer school was great! Our kid had a structured morning with a lot of participation in a small group with a very skilled teacher. He practiced skills learned through the [school] year and met some more kids. We got all he needed for class and more. We were amazed with how easy was for us and for him to enjoy summer school.
Parent, 2021 Summer Learning Experience

I’d encourage every parent to take advantage of the extended year program. It helped my child excel at reading, math and science. He found it more interactive than school.

Parent, 2021 Summer Learning Experience

Catapult Learning is wonderful. The instructors are engaging, friendly and patient. They make learning a pleasant and fun experience. The program offers a continued learning process, helping to make a seamless transition to the next grade level for my child.

Parent, 2021 Summer Learning Experience

What To Expect

The Summer Learning Experience offers core, foundational academic instruction for grade promotion and social-emotional learning to foster a growth-mindset and effective communication skills.

  • Literacy lessons help develop comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and composition to build your child’s reading and writing confidence.
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities to teach students to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills encouraging exploration and discovery through project-based learning. Students will also strengthen math skills including numeracy, logic, and reasoning.
  • Social-Emotional learning teaches the skills students need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. They will learn how to understand and manage emotions, establish and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

This program and those who run it support parents as caregivers and educators. We offer academic and family counseling, family workshops, and 1:1 wellness or academic check-ins so families remain engaged and up-to-date on their child’s progress.

Field trips will spark curiosity and enthusiasm and allow students to build on classroom learning through exciting excursions to locations across the city!


All K-7 students currently enrolled in an ADNY school are invited to apply!


There will be virtual and in-person options available for selection. If your child’s school is not hosting in-person programming, you will be able to select from nearby sites.


Monday through Thursday, July 6th through August 11th

It's FREE!

This opportunity is made possible through federal and state dollars targeted at reducing summer learning loss and mitigating the effects of COVID-19.

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