Welcome to the Parent Support Center for the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York.

Full of free helpful tools, insightful resources, and expert guidance, the Parent Support Center was created with you in mind to help support your child’s education and your family’s well-being. The Archdiocese of New York and Catapult Learning are continuously working to offer innovative ways to learn, teach, and share and we’ll be adding new resources like parent workshops, blogs, webinars, and more.

About Extended Learning

Extended learning programs are FREE and proven to help bolster students’ academic foundations.

In partnership with Catapult Learning, the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York offers a variety of programs at no cost to you. Enrolled students engage in small group, in-person or virtual, educational activities to supplement their core learning that begins in our classrooms. Sessions are designed to best suit the individual learner; a holistic experience for students composed of targeted math and literacy instruction activities encouraging personal growth in a collaborative classroom.

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Program Components

Students will develop the tools and confidence to grapple with grade-level math and literacy skills using familiar and new strategies.

All parents of students enrolled in Extended Learning Program have access to free virtual workshops focusing on relevant topics like Digital Citizenship and Parenting Through Adversity.

Provided learning materials will equip families with the tools to allow learning to continue outside the classroom.

Building student confidence and strengthening problem-solving skills. *Available in participating schools.

Teachers will lead students through activities that identify and foster healthy habits.

Keys To Success

With fewer than ten students in a group, Extended Learning Program teachers are able to provide individualized attention and students can really collaborate with peers.

The scope and sequence for math and literacy is designed to work in sync with classroom instruction.

Programs are funded by federal, grant, and donor dollars, making these great resources available to you and your student free of charge!


Parent Workshops: Fall 2023 (COMING SOON)

Our seasonal Parent Workshop Series provide a unique opportunity for enhanced community, connection, and support. Parents are invited to attend sessions that focus on social-emotional learning, supporting academic growth, and preparing for transitions. These sessions are facilitated by content specialists and mental health professionals.