Catapult Learning’s B.E.S.T. Model

A Language Acquisition program designed for students with significant Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

At Catapult Learning, our B.E.S.T. (Broad-Based Educational Services & Therapies) Model serves students with significant Autism and Developmental Delays. For students enrolling in our program, we begin by speaking with their parents and/or guardians with the goal of gaining perspective into a child’s history and learning their goals. Coupled with interviews of parents/guardians, all students are formally assessed in our program to determine each student’s functional living, language, and academic skill set. The interview and assessment results, together, allow us to develop the most appropriately individualized program for growth.

In the end, the goal is always to create a skill set supporting the student’s independence which the student and family can use to establish a functional path for their future, both at home and in their daily lives.

Serving Students With Autism

Students Enrolled

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Angel’s Story

Before coming to Sierra Academy, Angel’s behavior was erratic, destructive and oftentimes violent, putting himself and those around him at risk. After being removed from nearly 10 programs, no one would accept Angel, so his struggles and shortcomings were, unfortunately, not being addressed effectively.

The faculty and staff at Sierra School knew that earning Angel’s trust, fostering positive social interactions and getting him involved in academic activities that resonated with him would ensure his focus and attention and reduced disruptive outbursts. Hear more about Angel’s story from Sierra School’s director, Angel’s teacher, and his mother.

Assessing Our Students

Depending on each student’s current level of communication development, we implement the most appropriate educational track:

Catapult Learning’s B.E.S.T. Model

The focus of our model is to take learned skills and practically apply them to the multiple environments in which a student would use those skills. Students spends portions of their day rotating through different modalities of instruction, the length and the frequency of each rotation is individuality designed for each learner and based on their current skills and future goals.

Behavior Management & Support

Each student enrolled in the B.E.S.T. Model has individualized behavior programming which is driven by Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA). We aim to identify the behaviors that continue to disrupt our student’s ability to access their environment and learning. We then use the data collected from the FBA and classroom data to device strategies that get to the root function of the students disrupted behaviors. Always giving them tools develop positive replacement behaviors. Our Behavior Management System is reinforced through the use of 6 effective teaching strategies:

Our Program In the News

First Openly Autistic School Board Member visits High Road Academy

To show students at the High Road Academy of Wallingford that autism shouldn’t keep them from pursuing their dreams, staff recently invited in an “openly and proudly autistic” politician and professor to speak at the school. Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez and her story of overcoming the challenges of living with autism caught the attention of school officials after her election to the Enfield, Connecticut Board of Education in late 2017. Read more

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