Serving Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism presents differently in every child which is why Catapult Learning believes that there’s no “one size fits all” approach to education. Our two educational models are designed to meet each student at his or her individual ability levels, employing multi-sensory instructional methodologies and adapting our teaching strategies to the learning style and pace of learning of the student.

Our goal is to support our students in developing the skills necessary to live the most achievable independent lifestyle which may or may not include independent living, vocational training which leads to employment, and/or transitioning to a more traditional academic classroom setting.

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If you’ve met one person with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism

Angel’s Story

Before coming to Sierra Academy, Angel’s behavior was erratic, destructive and oftentimes violent, putting himself and those around him at risk. After being removed from nearly 10 programs, no one would accept Angel, so his struggles and shortcomings were, unfortunately, not being addressed effectively.

The faculty and staff at Sierra School knew that earning Angel’s trust, fostering positive social interactions and getting him involved in academic activities that resonated with him would ensure his focus and attention and reduced disruptive outbursts. Hear more about Angel’s story from Sierra School’s director, Angel’s teacher, and his mother.

Focused Program Goals

Each of our programs combines established treatment protocols with leading-edge advancements in the areas of foundational language skills and motor capabilities. The goal of our programs is to foster positive emotional growth, increase academic, language, and behavioral competencies, and to augment innate proficiencies.

By concentrating our efforts on communication, behavior, and social skills deficits, we are able to achieve our prime objective for all students of empowering their independence and their ability to productively interact in mainstream social settings.

Two Program Options

Depending on each student’s current level of communication development, we implement the most appropriate educational track: