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Public School Partnerships

Our public school partners increase the reach of their intervention and remediation services and alleviate the administrative details through partnering with Catapult Learning. We serve at-risk students both in their public schools, our special education and alternative education schools, depending on the services needed.

Education Solutions

Whether you use our teachers or your own, our catalog of Education Solutions programs will integrate into your existing school operations, build teacher and leadership capacity, and improve the academic performance of your students. Our instruction programs are designed with flexibility in mind to fit your budget allocation and scheduling requirements. Professional development solutions range from whole-school transformation to topical workshops. Family & support services provide an efficient way of staffing counselors, nurses, speech and language pathologists on your school campus.

  • Instruction

  • Family & Support Services

  • Professional Development

Special & Alternative Education

Our full-service special education & alternative education schools and classrooms support students who face challenges that cannot be adequately addressed in the traditional classroom. We bring more than 40 years of expertise directly to schools through cost-effective, comprehensive programming that promotes success in the classroom and beyond.

Across the country, we partner with 500+ school districts through our 60+ schools and classrooms to improve areas of difficulty and emphasize areas of natural aptitude through a compassionate educational experience for all students, meeting their individualized needs across all facets of their development — academic, behavioral, social, and emotional.

Through a partnership with Catapult Learning, you can build capacity in your district while simultaneously providing your students with the services they need.