Math Intervention

Support struggling learners and build their confidence in tackling math concepts through our Math Intervention programs. Highly structure lessons, support, and our instructional modeling based on research from the National Research Council will improve their foundational skills and develop their mathematical understanding. Students in the AchieveMath program:

  • Grasp critical fundamentals

  • Establish a foundation for vital skills

  • Progress to more complicated concepts

  • Develop deeper awareness of mathematics

  • Learn the habits of mind embodied in the Standards for Mathematical Practice

Program Overview

Math Intervention Curriculum

Math Intervention Program - K-12 Public & Private Schools | Catapult Learning

Our math intervention programs feature skill-based instruction with the regular, repeated use of manipulatives. Students build a clear understanding of concepts and move towards more abstract understanding, improving their overall mathematics aptitude. Our research-based curriculum delivers lesson that get students up to speed and keep them there. Programs include tools for your teachers to use in supporting struggling students and improving student outcomes.

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