Supply students, caregivers, and teachers with engaging resources!

Learning Bags and Lending Libraries provide students, teachers, and staff with access to books, games, and activities they can use within the classroom and at home. Contents are carefully curated by our team of academic experts.

Student Learning Bags

Learnings Bags are a cost-effective way to supply students with engaging resources that keep them captivated and ready to learn, all in a convenient carrying bag. Bags are available in a variety of styles, themes, colors, and sizes, and are tailored to students’ learning needs and interests.

  • Establish a regular family reading routine and help families set aside a few minutes of learning each day, whether after school or during the summer

  • Allow all families, regardless of their culture, education level, or English language proficiency, to feel that they are directly involved in their child’s learning

  • Provide parents with a structure and model for reading and playing with their children

  • Engage children, young and old, in interactive reading and learning that ignites their enthusiasm and sparks their curiosity

  • Build an awareness of the breadth of books and activities that exist across content areas and grade bands

  • Show parents how to help their children connect what they read in books and what they learn in class to what is happening in the world around them

  • Stimulate discussions between children and their families

Each of our Learning Bags has been intentionally curated to promote effective at-home literacy support with engaging, creative, and interactive texts and resources.

Reading Bags

Our Reading Bags motivate students to read for pleasure while building their literacy and comprehension skills. Comprised of a set of high-interest books that expose students to real-world topics, each Reading Bag is designed to spark students’ curiosity and help them become proficient and fluent readers.

 Sample: Grade Band K-1 • $60

Activity Bags

Sample: Grade Band 4-5 • $155

Designed to engage students through exploratory learning, Activity Bags introduce students to a variety of inquiry-based texts, games, and activities that are fun for the entire family! Activity Bags build students’ literacy in a range of topics, including STEM, math, and reading, and include flash cards, activity sets and books, electronic games, and building blocks, to name a few.

Culturally Inclusive Bags

Our culturally inclusive Reading and Activity Bags are curated with the cultural preferences of our Catholic and Yeshiva partners in mind; however, they do not include religious content or promote specific religious beliefs. These bags are available to all schools, regardless of their affiliation (e.g., public or nonpublic).

We encourage all of our clients to review our complete catalog, as other bag options may appeal to the interests of your students and teachers.

Sample: Grade Band 4-5 • $105

Caregiver Bags

Sample: Grade Band K-5 • $105

Catapult Learning’s Caregiver Support Reading Bags are designed to provide parents and caregivers with added resources as they tackle today’s unique demands. From learning to listen to their children and helping them manage stress and anxiety, to mastering self-care and mindfulness as an adult, the resources in this bag offer a wide array of approaches to promote optimal child development and effective strategies that families can add to their repertoire of comprehensive parenting tools, while also addressing caregivers’ unique needs.

Free Bonus Pack

Each Learning Bag includes a free Bonus Pack with:

Lending Libraries

Catapult Learning’s Lending Libraries are a cost-effective, turnkey solution for providing academic resources to your students and staff. After an initial consultation to gain an understanding of your school’s goals, our team of experts manages the design, procurement, and implementation of your lending library. Once set up, the library offers extensive learning resources for your school community.

Student Lending Libraries:

Enrich your students’ learning experiences by providing a diverse set of reading materials in your lending library. Facilitate small-group learning by stocking multiple copies of book titles to organize reading. Or, focus on providing single copies of titles to provide a vast range of books to encourage students to explore their own interests. We’ll create a multi-age library that encourages individual exploration and supports your school’s varied reading audience.

Teacher Lending Libraries:

Provide your teachers with a comprehensive collection of materials to support professional learning. We tailor these collections to your needs and interests, including a mix of reading, writing, math, and learning theory reference materials that come in a variety of formats, including books and DVDs. Ensure your teachers have access to the latest and best proven techniques, methods, and skills to support your instructional priorities and initiatives.

Libraries are customized to your school needs.

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