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Help narrow learning gaps by supplying students, caregivers, and teachers with engaging resources they can use anytime, anywhere!

Learning Bags and Lending Libraries provide students, teachers, and staff with access to books, games, and activities they can use within the classroom and at home.

Student Learning Bags

Our popular Learning Bags contain a wide variety of age-appropriate learning materials selected by our team of academic experts to improve students’ critical reading skills, mathematical proficiency, scientific habits of mind, and mental well-being. With every page and activity, students can stretch their abilities while engaging in hands-on exploratory learning connected to the real world.

Our Learning Bags catalog includes a range of grade-level, theme, and size options tailored to meet a diversity of interests and to fit any budget. Catapult Learning’s Learning Bags also:

  • Help families establish a regular reading routine

  • Allow all families to feel that they are directly involved in their child’s learning

  • Provide parents with a structure and model for reading and playing with their children

  • Engage children in interactive reading and learning that ignites their enthusiasm and sparks their curiosity

  • Build an awareness of the books and activities that exist across content areas and grades

  • Show parents how to help their children connect what they read in books and learn in class to what is happening around them

  • Stimulate discussions between children and their families

Our selection of Learning Bags includes:

Reading Bags

Our Reading Bags, which are available in a range of reading levels, motivate students to read for pleasure while building their literacy and comprehension skills through a set of high-interest books that expose students to real-world topics.

Activity Bags

Designed to engage students through exploratory learning, Activity Bags introduce kids to a variety of inquiry-based texts, games, and activities across a range of topics, such as STEAM, math, and reading--plus, our brand new Mental Health Activity Bag, which provides families with tools to promote resilience and self-regulation.

Culturally Inclusive Bags

Our culturally inclusive Reading and Activity Bags are curated with the cultural preferences of our Catholic and Yeshiva partners in mind; however, they do not include religious content or promote specific religious beliefs. These bags are available to all schools, regardless of their affiliation (e.g., public or nonpublic).

Caregiver Bags