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Private and Religious Schools

Support your private and religious school community. Private and religious schools nationwide have turned to Catapult Learning for the best instructional services, professional development, and specialized services for more than 40 years. We provide research-based educational and support services that improve student outcomes for at-risk students.

Partnership Experience

Our school partnerships include Diocese, Archdiocese, Yeshivas, and private schools with no religious affiliation. Programs are staffed by local instructors and team members who will complement the school community and culture. We ensure our team members are compatible with the schools they serve. Today, our network of 5,600 teachers and coaches partner with over 500 school districts to help every student reach his or her fullest academic potential.

Comprehensive Programs

Match your unique instructional needs through our flexible programs based on the latest research and best practices in the industry.

  • Fully-staffed by local professionals with experience supporting a diverse community of student needs.

  • Select from a catalog of programs designed to support your entire community. All instructional programs include a curriculum and all supporting materials

  • Efficiently integrate programs into your school operations. School year programs are available before, during, and after school. Summer school programs reduce summer learning loss and provide a consistent learning experience through the school year transition.

Commitment to Excellence

Provide high-quality programs through our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our Educational Quality team members visit schools, speaking directly to students and teachers. We review test results and survey administrators to discover what’s working and where we need to make adjustments. Central to program success is the high level of communication provided at every stage of program implementation. Regularly scheduled principal meetings and daily collaboration with classroom teachers insure student success. Our online reporting dashboard provides real-time updates to instructional leaders.

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