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Family Connections

Bridge the gap between your school, local community, and the families of your students. Through our Family Connections Program, we’ll strengthen the family’s ability to support the academic and non-academic needs of children while teaching your faculty and staff ways to engage with families.

  • Foster stronger relationships with student families

  • Spend more time focusing on student academic achievement and staff development

Referral & Support Services

  • Parent workshops

  • Parent meetings

  • Help Applying to Food Assistance Programs

  • Referrals to Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

  • Referrals to legal assistance

  • Referrals to Immigration & Residency Support

Family Connections Program PDF - K-12 Public & Private Schools | Catapult Learning

Program Teams

Family Connections Program

Managed by a Program Supervisor, each Family Connections program includes a team that includes:

  • School Community Liaison (SCL) who organizes programming and coordinates scheduling. The SCL is often a trained counselor or licensed social worker.

  • Parent Partner who’s a member of the local community and plays a critical role in engaging families in the program.

  • Presenters to deliver workshops to families and school faculty. They are experienced content experts and engaging facilitators.

Students whose families are involved in their education achieve greater academic success.

Program Design

Family Connections bridges the family-school-community relationship gap to ensure children are supported inside and outside of the classroom. To accomplish this, a Family Connections Program Liaison is housed at your school, facilitating and organizing conversations and workshops for community members and staff.

Family Connections provides wrap-around services and whole-child support

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