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High Road Academy

High Road Academy began in 1998, and the focus of the program is the mission of remediation; and the main goal, whenever possible and applicable, is to return students to the least restrictive environment (LRE) at their home schools. We take great pride in the fact that we have been able to maintain an average annual return rate of 30% of our total school population. Better yet, follow-up data indicates that High Road Academy students who have returned to their home schools continue to achieve and meet the challenges in the mainstream classrooms.

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Our Students

Students are referred by their school district to attend High Road Academy. Our students are generally in grades 3–12 (aged 7 to 21). Our student populations face disabilities in a variety of areas, including Specific Learning Disability, Nonverbal Learning Disability, Speech and Language Impairment, Hearing &/or Vision Impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Intellectual Disability, Traumatic Brain Injury, Other Health Impairment, Emotional Disability, Multiple Disabilities.

Our Staff

We are proud to employ certified special education teachers, staff trained in crisis intervention, school social workers, in-home and/or family therapist, a school psychiatrist, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, and access to physical therapy

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High Road Academy specializes in individualized, remedial programs specifically designed for students with severe reading impediments. Staff is trained in a variety of methodologies and interventions for students with significant reading disabilities. We provide a safe and nurturing environment that addresses each student’s unique challenges – academic, communication, and social – in a continuous positive cycle of learning and advancement. Small class sizes and one-on-one attention provide personalized instruction that builds on each child’s particular strengths and expertly targets identified deficits. Academic performance is evaluated and monitored regularly so that programming adjustments can be made to close academic gaps. Our highly trained staff guides students who learn differently to an unprecedented level of success in all facets of their lives. Enabling and empowering students to direct their own lives is key to our approach.

High Road Academy’s Transition Coordinator oversees the Career Research & Development and Work Experience high school completer course requirements. In addition, a partnership with Prince George’s County Community College, our Workforce Development Program, provides certification courses in Microsoft Skills, Customer Service, Computer Repair, ServSafe, and Child Care. Students fulfill service learning requirements by volunteering at local parks and recreation departments. Students are also provided with school-based jobs (lunch preparation, answering phones, filing, custodial, etc.)

Current school partnerships include: Humanim, Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS), Prince George’s County Community College, Howard County Chamber of Commerce.

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