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High Road School of Wright City

High Road School of Wright City is a Private Special Education Day Facility that partners with school districts to meet the needs of exceptional students. We help students that have additional behavioral needs, whether they have autism, emotional disturbance, ADHD, or other diagnoses. We aim to build confidence and competence through personalized academic and behavioral interventions, so that student can learn to enjoy school again, and return to their home school environment. We individualize our approached to help students be successful both in and out of learning environments. Our students learn how to learn and learn how to live.

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Our Students

Students are referred by their school district to attend High Road School and are generally in grades K–12 (aged 5 to 21). They face disabilities in a variety of areas, including Autism, Emotional Disturbance, Other Health Impairments, Speech and Language Disorder, Learning Disabilities, and more.

Our Staff

We are proud to employ certified special education teachers, Licensed Professional Counseling, Speech and Language Pathology, and Occupational Therapy.

At High Road, we take an individualized approach to educating students with specific eligibilities, which starts with building strong foundational skills in the areas of language, visual performance, and fine and gross motor skills. Our approach is informed by the belief that it is common to find defined splinter skills in children and adolescents with autism and SLD, as well as a large “gap” between receptive and expressive language skills—a gap that hinders social abilities and can lead to maladaptive behaviors. Consequently, the High Road School consistently works to bridge this gap by expediting acquisition of skills and increasing our students’ awareness of their surroundings. To accomplish this, we employ a academic model and language model of instruction whereby students move about their educational space, alternating among specific learning modalities and diversifying their settings, all of which supports faster generalization of skills.

Our models and dedication to seeing student improvement set us apart. We keep students in school as much as possible by reducing suspension (none since the school has opened), and by not giving up on students. No students have been expelled.

We are proud to be a Charter Member of the Wright City chapter of Kiwanis International.

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