Assessment for the Next Generation

Assess Student Progress. Analyze to Inform Instruction. Improve Student Performance.

evaluate-logo-webEvaluate is Catapult Learning’s next-generation benchmark assessment system that combines monthly benchmark assessments with comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting and analysis tools. Built by a team of expert educators with over a decade of experience developing standards-aligned assessments, Evaluate is a valuable and proven tool that builds the foundation for CODIE_2016_finalist_blackcontinual academic improvement.

  • Cutting-edge Web-based Reading and Math Assessments
  • Actionable Reporting and Analysis Tools
  • Accessible Professional Development

Evaluate engages students in their own learning,
guides teachers as they target instruction, and allows
administrators to identify instructional areas in need of additional resources and support.


edtech-cooltool2016Tools that Empower Students, Teachers, and Principals

Through frequent assessments, simple and actionable reports, and high-quality professional development, Evaluate exposes proficiency and learning trends toward the achievement of end-of-year standards.

  • Students get important practice with national and state standards-aligned formative assessments that simulate each state’s end-of-year proficiency exams.
  • Teachers track student performance on standards already taught as well as assess knowledge of content in future lessons.
  • Principals and district administrators can view progress at a variety of levels, allowing them to identify instructional areas in need of additional resources and support.
  • "The eValuate system provides the formative assessment that we need to support student learning. In addition to helping English and Mathematics, it has brought our whole school together and has made us accountable to student data. The eValuate system gives us the opportunity to have critical conversations to move students forward. " Randiann Porras-Tang, Principal Waialua Intermediate and High School Waialua, HI
  • "eValuate is quick, it's fast, it's easy. It's helped us focus on our goals. Teachers were uncomfortable using and analyzing data at first, but when they saw they could get their results back immediately, teachers saw the power of using eValuate." Diane Grant, Principal Bennettsville Middle School Bennettsville, SC
  • "With eValuate, I am able to speak confidently about each student' strengths and weaknesses to parents. This, in turn, allows the parents to fully engage in their child's learning as well as celebrate their child's success." Susanie Ann Egan, Teacher Park-Edison Elementary School Clark County, NV
  • "Nobody has anything close to a system where students are assessed monthly, feedback is within the touch of a button, and it is comparable from month to month. Without eValuate, we'd be shooting in the dark toward end-of-year standards." Debra Slauzis, Principal Lynch-Edison Elementary School Clark County, NV
  • "eValuate has been invaluable to us for tracking achievement toward end-of-year state tests. When we talk to teachers about setting monthly goals, eValuate provides a great tool to help monitor students' progress and drive effective instruction that will help teachers meet these goals." Jamy Jackson, Principal Helen Thackston Middle School York, PA
  • "The students love to look at their bars, they want to make sure that they've shown the growth that they needed to that month. They get really excited; they talk about testing, and doing well and showing growth. 'Did we meet our target?', 'I met my goal',...they're very excited." Amanda Bullard, Teacher Bennettsville Elementary Schools Bennetsville, SC